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  • Oh, that. Yeah, ask any of my buddies that play Halo or Counter-Strike with me. If it moves, it's getting perforated with gunfire, lol. I put the "twitch" in "twitch shooter."
    any smartphone would be pushed to get more than 24h heavy usage - calls, texts, games, videos, music, photos etc.

    But this manages it :) maybe 30h-36h with heavy usage.

    Easily 2d with normal usage (some calls, some texts, some browsing, little game/video).
    more life with less usage.
    Lol you'd cry if you saw my battery life.

    Fair enough stock may not be great - but you need to make small changes :) change the ROM you get amazing battery life and better performance.
    believe me, i didn't underestimate ur plan on doing the mod!.. just that u might find some tips from that video channel..
    Hi!.. I am following ur case mod thread.. like ur improvisation without professional tools.. for the side window that u r doing u might find this helpful (presuming u have nt seen it before).. there are more such videos @ MNPCtech channel
    So you are not bored like me, What are you doing to not to get bored lol
    So, looks like you have been also effected by the failure of northern, eastern and north-eastern power grid
    Did you?
    No translating into semi english is hard for me, like i writing in the post it will take me 2-3x more times to write it in hindi
    kya hua bhai? clubhouse mei atke ho?
    huh... I should talk in english because translating it into semi-english is very hard
    Huh Looks like you also like to watch dragon ball z but it is not on CN is it!
    Well i have the season 8 of DBZ and all episode of DBGT and 4 comics if DBAF what do you have
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