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Perfectly Functional GTX 970 Cards Being Returned Over Memory Controversy

In what is a major fallout of the GeForce GTX 970 memory allocation controversy, leading retailers in the EU are reporting returns of perfectly functional GTX 970 cards citing "false advertising." reports that NVIDIA is facing a fierce blowback from retailers and customers over incorrect specs. Heise comments that the specifications "cheating could mean the greatest damage to the reputation of the company's history."

Major German PC hardware retailer says that retailers don't have any explanation from NVIDIA to give to their customers. A similar sentiment is being expressed by the NVIDIA add-in card partners (AICs) we spoke to. Retailers and AIC partners are on their own, for now. One AIC partner rep told us that NVIDIA has no worldwide action plan, as of now, to deal with a potential flood of returns.

PANRAM Presents the Light Sword Gaming DDR3 Memory

PANRAM co. was founded in 1994, a brand which until today has been unknown to most of us. Even though PANRAM as a brand are fairly unknown by their own name, they are the OEM for other brands producing up to 3 million units per month. Today, the manufacturer decided to use own experience, patents, quality control and combine it along with market knowledge of Caseking distributor to gain it's own recognition in the market. Together, Caseking and PANRAM are presenting today a new series of PANRAM, Light Sword. Light Sword has a red LED backlight, which resembles the shape of the legendary lightsaber.

"We wanted to release together unique high-end memory that differentiate from anything we have ever seen." says head of memory division at Caseking - Jens Becker. Each piece of Light Sword has specially selected integrated circuits for easier overclocking capabilities. PANRAM says that for example 2400 MHz model can be turned up to a speed of 2666 MHz without bigger problems and with using the same latency.

8GB Sapphire R9 290X Vapor-X Variant Priced in Europe

The 8 GB variant of Sapphire's Radeon R9 290X Vapor-X graphics card, which made headlines last month, reached European shores, with leading retailers taking orders. Designed for those attempting dual- or triple-display setups using Ultra HD monitors, the card features 8 GB of memory across the GPU's 512-bit wide GDDR5 memory interface, double that of the standard memory amount. It also features a factory overclock, of 1060 MHz core, and 5.60 GHz memory. The card looks otherwise identical to Sapphire's R9 290X Vapor-X series graphics cards. For those on the Isles, the card is stocked up at OCUK for £599.99 (incl. VAT), and for those on the old continent, has it priced at 729.90€ (incl. taxes).

Avexir Blitz Red Dragon 1.1 Memory Series Now Available

There are people in our world, who are ashamed of their dusty computer and they mostly hide it under a desk. They don't want to look at it everyday, cause they don't consider it beautiful or interesting. Thankfully there are also people who put their computer on the desk. They choose elegant and nice looking chassis with window, adequate cooling, motherboard, memory and matching cables. All selected very carefully, so the entire set looks like a real state of the art, something of what we can be truly proud of
If your computer is placed under your desk, there is no sense for you to read the rest of this news. However if you belong to the proper group, there is today a release of new interesting memory series named Avexir Blitz 1.1 Red Dragon. Modules are built from a black PCB and superimposed black and red color heatspreaders with unique stylistic design showing a red dragon. At the top of memory manufacturer installed red lights, which gently pulsates as if our RAM was actually breathing. This gives a particularly striking effect in the evening, when our computer becomes the main source of light in our room.

Team Group Unveils the Xtreem Series White DDR3 Memory Kits

Taiwan-based Team Group Inc. has this week announced the Xtreem White line of high-end DDR3 memory. This new speedy RAM comes in 8 GB and 16 GB flavors (dual channel only), makes use of tall aluminum heatspreaders, features Intel XMP 1.3 support, and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

The Xtreem Series White offering includes DDR3-2133 CL11, DDR3-2400 CL10, DDR3-2666 CL11 and DDR3-2800 CL12 kits that go from 69.90 Euro all the way up to 449.90 Euro. All are set to ship this month and can be found at

ModMyMachine Announces Slamepad Gaming Mousepad, Black Shoggy Sandwich

It's been quiet on ModMyMachine for some time, the more interesting the return with their own mousepad. Even more surprising by doing one in aluminium, which made existing manufacturers mad while trying. ModMyMachines Slamepad was not only driven by nice haptics and gaming capability, but to create an outstanding and good looking product, which is not yet available on the market. Printed Plastic pads are easy to do, Time for something special.

Good looking with glossy polished edges and the ModMyMachine logo engraving the Slamepad is pure luxury in it's 10 available colours (gold, silver, bronze, champagne, dark red, orange, dark blue, light blue, purple and black). On the rear side there are also no compromises. Highest technical anti slip rubber made in Germany. Size: 315 x x235 (WxHxD).

OCUK 8 Pack Gaming Desktops Start Selling

Caseking proudly presents the first generation of "8Pack" Systems of the English partner company Overclockers UK. Absolute top range complete computers with ultra-high-end features - designed and built by the British number 1 in overclocking and multiple world record holder - Ian ''8Pack'' Parry. Of reason in order to offer the ultimate premium package in overclocked systems on newly contructed, all three variants are true performance monster, graded according to the contented under warranty buyer size and budget.

Planning and contruction of a bona fide "8Pack" PC is a long and arduous process that ultimately ends in the creation of a truly customized system. The combination of hand-picked components and years of experience in the world's top overclockers scene, allow Ian ?8Pack", computer bring forth a monumental set the standard in this area. The results are unsurpassed and unique, with superior performance, fits like a glove - something that you have never seen before in the market of system integration. Made for the extreme enthusiast who craves more performance and craftsmanship required, which are only available at Overclockers UK.

Raijintek Debuts its PC Cooling Lineup

In IT market Raijintek is a brand new name created by the main part of Xigmatek and Cooler Master team, designed in Germany and made in Taiwan. Caseking GmbH - main distributor of Raijintek products, would like to introduce you first three, which are high-end CPU coolers named Aidos, Themis and Ereboss. Names come from Ancient Greek: Aidos was the Greek goddness of shame, modesty and humility; Themis was embodient of divine order, law and custom. Last one, Erebos, conceived as a primordial deity, representing the personification of darkness. As Raijintek's slogan says, they "Creating Passion", products are dedicated to users looking for high quality, performance and efficiency. In the foreseeable future, manufacturer will give us many more projects as power supplies and chassis.

Xigmatek Announces the Alfar PC Chassis

Xigmatek has now unveiled its newest PC case, the Alfar midi-tower which is set to start shipping at the end of this month (November 30th). Coming in three versions (with either a black, silver or orange painted front mesh), Alfar measures 195 x 445 x 505 mm, it weights 6 kg and has support for ATX, micro ATX and mini ITX motherboards, a top-placed I/O panel with two USB 3.0 ports, three 5.25-inch, four 3.5-inch and four 2.5-inch bays, plus two pre-installed 120 mm fans (front and back).

The Alfar costs €49.90 and is available (for pre-order) through Acquires Overclockers UK

One of Europe's biggest retailers of enthusiast PC parts,, has reportedly struck a deal that will see it take over Overclockers UK (OCUK). OCUK has been among Britain's biggest retailers of interest to PC enthusiasts, dealing with performance computer hardware apart from enthusiast parts (cooling, casing, accessories, etc.). This takeover will affect 40 members of staff at OCUK. The value of the final deal has not been disclosed by either side. eTeknix estimates it to be "less than €50 million". The Caseking staff we contacted refused to comment, saying they cannot comment on such internal operations. The deal is said to have been struck in early February, though both companies are keeping mum about it, perhaps waiting for the right moment to make the big announcement.

Source: eTeknix
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