Monday, October 19th 2009

Antec Readies Six Hundred PC Case

Antec is readying the newest member of its Hundred series gaming PC cases, the Six Hundred. This is the sixth case in the series, following the Nine Hundred, Twelve Hundred, Nine Hundred Two, Three Hundred, and Two Hundred. This mid-sized ATX tower case is expected to fill the gap between the Three Hundred and Nine Hundred. It measures 491 (H) x 212 (W) x 492 (D) mm, and weights 6.9 kg. There are three exposed 5.25" drive bays, one exposed 3.5" bay, and five internal 3.5" bays. The front bezel provides enough breathing-room for its two front 120 mm fans. The side panel is windowed, and the window is perforated to hold a fan over the expansion slot area of the motherboard. One 120 mm fan ventilates the case from the rear-panel, while a large 200 mm TriCool blue LED-illuminated fan ventilates it from the top. The utility panel that holds buttons, and front-panel connectors is located at the top. The PSU bay is in its rightful place, at the bottom, and two ports for water-cooling tubing are located next to the seven expansion brackets. The Six Hundred is listed for pre-order in Europe, priced at 60.80 EUR.

Source: TechConnect Magazine
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32 Comments on Antec Readies Six Hundred PC Case

Case looks disgustingly cheap..

Knock out expansion slot covers, the top is just bleck, the price for such a basic case is worse..

Antec wake up... Please!

Even their new solution line looks good until you have to clean the front plate, the surface is so rough and hard that it will rip up a cloth and then try to get the lint off it... I ended up sanding one down because it was annoying.
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bah looks a bit too cheap and plasticy for my liking... much prefer that CM Scout case (similar price range) as it has fully black interior, good cable tidy potential, more cooling and sexier looks... ill overlook this for sure ;)
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Resident Grammar Amender
I am so fucking glad I've got a 300 - every single case bar the 300 is so fugly!
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Besides the exterior ugliness interior looks cramped and cable management looks non-existent.
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put it back in, it ain't done yet :shadedshu
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Off topic sorry : Meizuman, Meizu as in M6 M8?
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I always liked the antec hundred series for their rugged, simple but functional appearance. They had good features and good design elements; this has neither.

C'mon antec, logisys and apevia has that look and functionality covered; make some quality cases.

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Soylent Joe
Just giving the interior a black spray down would make it looks tons better. My favorite cases from them are the 1200 and 902, all of the other ones, no matter how many things you can do with them, are just kinda meh.
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Fishfaced Nincompoop
Dear lord, another ugly case with windows and cool patterns and things all over it.. :(
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Wow. That looks BAD. Really bad. Like the stuff you find at XS Cargo...
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Holy shit? The Antec 902 is and 1200 are perfectly balanced between retarded pointless case looks to clean simple Lian-li looks. Now the Antec 200 is actually a case that for its looks isnt so nasty looking IOM in person. Seeing a case on Newegg threw pics is like hey, but seeing cases in person actually is way different idk why. This Antec 600 is just fugly in the pictures compared to anything else but in person with some nice wire management and nice hardware it wouldn't look like a shit slider it would look more pristine and more like a gamer. :cool: :toast:
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I'll buy one maybe.. cm690 was modded beyond recognition..

I guess that will leave Antec with 599 cases.
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InnocentCriminal said:
every single case bar any Lian Li's are (is) so fugly!
I fixed that for you. :)

That's coming from a guy who owns both the A300 & A900. :roll:
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cheep, nasty,looks like shit,cuts your hands, too small, no logic, thin crap cases hardrive weights more. Low budget builds i guess.
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Was once a die hard Antec fan but this crap they are releasing!! Going to Coolermaster my P180 is so damn cramped I am tired of it... And this thing is FUGGLY!!!
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WCG Team Assistant
Absolutely terrible :( :mad:
I wouldn't buy one just because of the looks
My old A300 looked good, performed good, and was cheap ($40 shipped), I only sold it for a RC-690 because I was upgrading to a 1000w PSU and SLI. In retrospect it was probably the best case I've ever had, definitely so for the price. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one for future builds, but I would pay money not to have to use a 200 or a 600 :(
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I like the 900, 902 and 1200 but they need to change the hard-drive layout, most cases now have them turned 90 degrees to hide the wires and Antec doesn't do this and I found the lack of drive cages in the 300 difficult to work with.
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DaveK said:
I like the 900, 902 and 1200 but they need to change the hard-drive layout, most cases now have them turned 90 degrees to hide the wires and Antec doesn't do this and I found the lack of drive cages in the 300 difficult to work with.

It can be annoying, causes drive mounting issues with long video cards sometimes.

I personally hate the 900.... It's a cool case I guess and it's sturdy but it's such a royal PITA.
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As for cable management, the Antec 900 only really needs a hole at the bottom of the mobo beside the PSU and maybe a bigger gap between the 2 holes between the mobo and drive cages and it's pretty good from there, but it looks neater in other cases when the hard-drives are turned so you can't see other wires, but Antec isn't really doing anything new, just a different design all same features. There's so many things the cases don't have and the Antec 900 is 2 years old, not much has changed on Antec cases since then and they aren't that good anymore.
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PP Mguire
Idk i personally dont like sideways drives. If i didnt have a 120.2 rad in my drive bay my drives would be invisible to anybody looking in from the side. (My SSD is though)
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this thread gives me hope, at least i'm not the only one who thinks that since the P150/solo, antecs cases have gone to shit
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