Tuesday, December 22nd 2009

Chieftec Unveils BT-02B Mini-ITX Tower Case

Chieftec unveiled its first mini-ITX PC case, the BT-02B. This mini-ITX tower measures 240 x 135 x 295 mm, and weighs 2.85 kg (about 6.28 lbs), and sports a formal look, best suited for space-constrained office desks. It packs enough space for one 5.25" drive bay, an internal 3.5" bay for HDDs, and has a front IO panel with USB and audio ports. The BT-02B comes with a 180W ATX power supply, sufficient for the typical mini-ITX PC. The lone expansion card slot accommodates full-height cards. The case should be out soon.

Source: TechConnect Magazine
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7 Comments on Chieftec Unveils BT-02B Mini-ITX Tower Case

Bird of Prey
Looks nice and petite. The front part looks like some extruded heatsink.
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That HUGE case for space constrained offices? Not mine. But for those needing a full-size 5.25", full-height video card and a 3.5" drive, not bad. I like the layout.
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Its a nice little chassis. It wont support a GTX 295 :laugh:. It's pretty good looking for a tiny tower.
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They missed the opportunity to make room for a dual slot video card, and still managed to create a pretty big case. So best choices for mini-itx remain the SG-05 and the SG-06.
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I'd like it better if it could go on it's side as well.
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This will appeal to D-I-Y NAS builders.
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Am I the only one who thinks those insides look odd? Looks like its missing screw holes... And how do you install a 5,25" drive? I cant see any thing for attaching it.

Pre-post EDIT: OK so Mini-ITX has only 4 screws...

This plus 550 X2 and HD 5770... oh boy.
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