Monday, June 21st 2010

NVIDIA GF104 Package Pictured

One of the first pictures of NVIDIA's upcoming GF104 graphics processor has come to light, with a Chinese source picturing a GF104 qualification sample. The sample is based on the A1 silicon. The GPU package is similar to that of the GF100, it makes use of an integrated heat-spreader (IHS) to disperse heat from the die underneath it. The package is rectangular rather than square (probably a move to reduce board footprint, translating into more compact boards) The GPU is built on TSMC's 40 nm process, and is said to have significantly lower TDP compared to the GF100. One of the first SKUs built around it is the GeForce GTX 460.

Contrary to older reports, Expreview's report suggests that the GeForce GTX 460 will have 336 CUDA cores (instead of 256), and 768 MB of memory across a 192-bit GDDR5 memory interface. Its TDP is expected to be around the 150W mark, similar to that of a GeForce GTS 250. It will target price-point slightly above the $200 mark, while other SKUs carved out of this silicon will be lesser.

Sources: Expreview,
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mdsx1950 said:
Well with the 6xxx series coming out H1 2011... nVidia will probably have to put out one hell of a card to compete.
The last time ATi came out with a good card (5970 I believe) Nvidia released the GT240. I don't trust Nvidia's timing.
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Fourstaff said:
The last time ATi came out with a good card (5970 I believe) Nvidia released the GT240. I don't trust Nvidia's timing.
:laugh: Haha yeah!
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smaller die, almost as many shaders as the GTX 465 and higher stock clocks to boot. I bet the GTX 465 will get phased out and replaced by the GTX 460. I can't imagine it not out-clocking the 465. Is there anyway to figure out the ROP's based on the texture fill rate and core clock?
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Rumor is a 460 will hit 800 on stock volts, 900 with a voltage bump, which puts it up to a 470's level. Doesn't actually seem to imply to me that it's a much improved chip design. We've seen in the past many times that cutting down shader count for mid range chips often leads to higher clock speeds which match higher end card performance. I think a normal GF100 cut down could manage the same clock speeds.
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cut down, well that's what the GTX 465 is, cept laser cut with the rest of the die still there. GF104 is supposed to be reworked chip architecturally from what they've learned with GF100, so hypothetically it should be more efficient.
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