Monday, April 18th 2011

Gigabyte Z68X-UD7 Spotted in Taiwan Stores

Stores in Taiwan have started stocking up on Gigabyte's latest high-end LGA1155 motherboard, the GA-Z68X-UD7 B3. Based on the new Z68 chipset that combines the overclocking capabilities of P67 with the Flexible Display Interface (FDI) feature of H67, Z68 will be Intel's most functional desktop chipset for the LGA1155. Gigabyte's board carries forward the feature-set of the P67A-UD7, and adds a GUI-based Hybrid EFI setup program. Quite surprisingly, there are no display outputs, so we're not quite sure why the designers opted for Z68 in the first place.

The GA-Z68X-UD7 uses a 24-phase VRM that uses driver-MOSFETs to power the CPU, four DDR3 DIMM slots to support dual-channel memory, four PCI-Express x16 slots supporting 3-way SLI and CrossFireX. Gigabyte is probably using an NVIDIA nForce 200 bridge chip for the additional PCI-E lanes. Storage connectivity includes four SATA 6 Gb/s, six SATA 3 Gb/s, and two eSATA/USB combo ports. There are at least four USB 3.0 ports. Gigabyte's new board will reach western markets later this month, after Z68's formal launch.

Source: XFastest
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15 Comments on Gigabyte Z68X-UD7 Spotted in Taiwan Stores

Why am i not seeing any DP/HDMI/VGA/DVI connectors on the back?
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Maybe theres an addon card with Video outputs?
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I'm the only one
Heres a better pic

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Because the board doesn't have any display connectivity?
The Z68X-UD7 and a couple of other models won't have that feature for what it's worth.
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I am not impressed really at all.

Sure you can overclock the GPU Inside the CPU "WHO CARES" no ones using it anyway. Plus most enthusiast MOB don't seem that they will be taking advantage of it anyway.

Sure there is SSD Caching "Doesn't Matter to me that much" The performance gains are not that big comparing to with out it. Plus also think back to when you first got your SSD. While you can notice some speed's definitely not worth the huge price tag. (Not saying I don't have a SSD... I am just pointing out the feeling one gets when getting their first SSD. It almost a feeling of "really that's it???") This is kind of the same thing here. Why spend the extra price tag unless you a disk bench marker.

Unless they pull a move and enable a better Bclck overclcok somehow (which I doubt) or they state that Z68 boards are the only way to upgrade from SB to IB I don't see why it's worth it. Seems like it's a waist of time for most users.
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Editor & Senior Moderator
Taskforce said:
Then came 2011.
It came over three months ago.
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My name is Dave
btarunr said:
It came over three months ago.
:laugh: I think he was refering to SKT 2011
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Damn, they should've made the box a bit more flashy and added some more logos. ;)
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Going for Z68 over P67 allows for use of the integrated GPU for GPU compute, does it not? Even without display outputs?
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I'am still on B2 with no probs! Will wait and see what 2012 brings, apart from the end of the world:D
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15th Warlock
No matter how many "Z"s and "X"s they use in their name, I'm not buying any other of their boards ever :p

It looks like all they did was replace the P67 for a Z68 chipset, it has the same layout as my old P67A-UD7-B2 :ohwell:
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