Tuesday, May 31st 2011

ZOTAC Z68-ITX WiFi a Fun-Sized Treat for Overclockers

Rarely do motherboard vendors dish out mini-ITX form-factor motherboards targeting the overclocking community. There's little space to squeeze in the bare essentials, but nothing is impossible, if there are competent designers at work, a case in point is the new Z68-ITX WiFi from ZOTAC. Based on the Intel Z68 Express chipset, this board supports LGA1155 Core i3/i5/i7 Sandy Bridge, and future Ivy Bridge processors, supports their integrated GPU giving you access to Intel QuickSync technology, as well as a suite of overclocking options.

To begin with the LGA1155 socket is powered by an 8-phase digital-PWM power design that uses high-grade PWM chokes made by Pulse, and in all probability, a Volterra PWM IC giving you precise voltage control as well as vDroop protection (high-precision load-line calibration). It also uses server-grade high-C capacitors. The PWM circuit takes input from an 8-pin EPS connector. The PWM chips are cooled by a large heatsink that sends some of its heat to the heatsink cooling the Z68 PCH, over a heat pipe.
The lone expansion slot is a full-bandwidth PCI-Express 2.0 x16 wired to the processor. Memory is care of two full-length DDR3 DIMM slots, supporting dual-channel DDR3-2133 MHz memory. Other overclocker-friendly features include button controls for power/reset/CMOS-clear, an LED diagnostic display, and two 4-pin PWM fan headers.

Connectivity is by no means compromised to add overclocking muscle. There's WiFi b/g/n wireless networking, dual gigabit Ethernet, 8-channel HD audio, USB 3.0, display connectivity including two HDMI 1.4a ports and one mini-DisplayPort; storage connectivity including two SATA 6 Gb/s and two SATA 3 Gb/s, supporting RAID and Intel Smart Response technology.
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9 Comments on ZOTAC Z68-ITX WiFi a Fun-Sized Treat for Overclockers

will this be available in the uk?
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Dedicated TPU Cruncher & Folder
Hmm, makes me wonder what prices will be on this little jewel.
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at last we can see small form factor that can handle oc. and it proves that itx not only for htpc things but oc'er too
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Performance Enthusiast
i want it i want it i want it, when does it come out? :D
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Shoe-box sized killer gaming rig anyone? :rockout:
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Zotac just doesn't cease to amaze me with their ITX boards.
Good show!
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stinger608 said:
Hmm, makes me wonder what prices will be on this little jewel.
It's on sale in Japan for about $260 USD.
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Can't wait to push my 2600K :rockout:
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Lampmaster said:
Can't wait to push my 2600K :rockout:
Dare I say it, but my current system is nearly as fast as my old i7 920 dual 4870x2 behemoth. I almost don't see the need to go Z68. But then I came to my senses. It's 4.5GHz or bust.
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