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Toshiba Provides Power, Portability, and Style in Latest Mainstream Consumer Laptops

Toshiba's Digital Products Division (DPD), a division of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., today announced its latest line of smartly equipped yet affordable Satellite L700 and Satellite C600 Series laptops. Designed for style, versatility and affordability in mind, these laptops deliver the performance needed for everyday computing with prices starting as low as $379.99 MSRP.
Satellite L700 Series: Versatility, Style and Extraordinary Value
Blending fashion, functionality and mobility, Satellite L700 Series of everyday value laptops are ideal for families, students and small business owners looking for a stylish laptop with plenty of power at a reasonable price. Featuring powerful processors from Intel, including 2nd Generation Intel Core processors and AMD, including new dual-core A4 and quad-core A6 Accelerated Processing Units, Satellite L700 Series laptops offer great performance for multitasking, productivity and light gaming. The Satellite L700 Series consists of four model classes: the highly-mobile Satellite L735, featuring a 13.3-inch diagonal widescreen display , the lightweight Satellite L745 with a 14-inch diagonal display, the versatile Satellite L755 with a 15.6-inch diagonal display and the Satellite L775 desktop replacement with a 17.3-inch diagonal display.

Featuring Toshiba's glossy Fusion Finish with an all-new Matrix pattern in a variety of colors, new models all now feature USB Sleep & Charge technology , enabling users to charge mobile devices even if the laptop is turned off. The laptops will be available in a variety of colors, including Graphite, Silver, White, Red and Brown. Also, for the first time, select models of the Satellite L700 Series will be available in Brushed Aluminum Blue, offering consumers a sophisticated look that also helps resist fingerprints. Certain configurations will also feature a Blu-Ray Disc player and HDMI port.

Satellite C600 Series: Essential Features, Tremendous Affordability
With a textured Trax finish in Charcoal, the entry-level Satellite C600 Series laptops are ideal for price-conscious consumers, students and first-time buyers looking for basic productivity at home or the office. Now available with a new 17.3-inch diagonal widescreen display as well as a 15.6 inch diagonal widescreen display, the Satellite C600 Series includes configurations with the AMD C-50 and E-350 Accelerated Processing Units2 from AMD with on-die graphics that provide rich and vivid colors, sharp images and smooth HD video playback.
Configurations will be available with up to 640GB hard drives , 4GB of DDR3 memory and include two USB 2.0 ports, DVD Super-Multi drives and 802.11n Wi-Fi.

Pricing and Availability
  • The Toshiba Satellite L735 Series laptops come equipped with a 13.3-inch diagonal TruBrite HD widescreen display and start at $499.99 MSRP.
  • The Toshiba Satellite L745 Series laptops come equipped with a 14-inch diagonal TruBrite HD display and start at $449.99 MSRP.
  • The Toshiba Satellite L755 Series laptops come equipped with a 15.6-inch diagonal TruBrite HD widescreen display and start at $483.99 MSRP.
  • The Toshiba Satellite L775 Series laptops come equipped with a 17.3-inch diagonal TruBrite HD widescreen display and start at $579.99 MSRP.
  • The Toshiba Satellite C600 Series laptops start at $379.99 MSRP.
  • The Toshiba Satellite L700 and Satellite C600 Series laptops will be available later this month at major retailers, e-tailers and direct from Toshiba on
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1 Comment on Toshiba Provides Power, Portability, and Style in Latest Mainstream Consumer Laptops

Looks good, just sad about the Toshiba website and the irritation trying to find a laptop and it's specs on there and the 1 hour wasted trying.

Dells website for laptops is annoying but can be used to find a laptop, so not the best but 1k times better than Toshiba website. Dell always fails to on the main grid page showing several models to include that it has a gpu and basic info about gpu to stop the wasted load 300 pages to get info and then get tired and not buy from Dell normal event.

One day when Toshiba's website grows up and gives easy narrow down to product specs like Newegg was forced to do then Toshiba would have sales of their laptops.

Corp.s will still buy the same range as even they can not find competent info / comparison table on Toshiba website so they are stuck using same old range.

As stupid said "they can have a billion core product, if you can not find it using their website it does not exist" and that pretty much describes Toshiba's website / Achilles heal.
Not even google search can find specific models on Toshiba website.

I do not know or care about their product names as I do not work there. I want this cpu that gpu and some other specs, click compare 5 ~20 models with this parts = if yes this parts is in this compatible size shape & design then it is on the short list or a direct sale. No questions asked.

Hook, line, sinker & catch.

We are not librarians or over obsessed with model numbers zombies working for a manufacturers, we want specs in less than 2 page loads and 2 mins then we buy.
Otherwise it does not Toshiba laptop exist. :banghead:
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