Wednesday, September 14th 2011

AMD Showcases its First 28 nm GPU

AMD showed off its first graphics processor (GPU) built on TSMC's cutting-edge 28 nanometer silicon fabrication process, the next foundry process standard for discrete GPUs. Bulk manufacturing at TSMC's Fab 15 facility at 28 nm is still taking shape, TSMC will take volume orders only later this year. For the moment, it can run small batches for designers to test their designs. The GPU was running on a mobile platform (pictured below, the red PCB), cooled by a compact copper-channel air cooler, leading us to believe that this is a mainstream segment GPU, if not lower. The demo platform was showcased running DirectX 11 title Dirt 3. Besides that, absolutely no other details were shared, not even a company codename for the GPU board.

Source: TechConnect Magazine
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johnksss said:
hummm, i just want that board setup he has...anyone know where to find one??
Become a notebook manufacturer, request for one from Intel/AMD.
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trickson said:
LOL ! Now I was also wondering why the fans looked like they were not turning . LOL

Man glad you said this if I said all this I would be labeled a FANBOY and run out of the tread ! Much like the other thread on AMD's world record .
What I would like to know is what is it with AMD lately , All this much to do about NOTHING is a real turn off . I will be keeping my eyes open though I am in need of a good laptop and well I do not think this will be out in time much like the BD chip will not be out when I go to buy a new system ! Week AMD really week .
Completely Bonkers said:
What's in that box under the TFT?
Why is fraps not running?
Why did they reduce the size of the photo and force "quality=75"?
This photo was taken without flash... you can tell from illumination and incumbent light
It's indoors meaning a shutter speed of 1/60 or 1/125
The mini fans do 2000-3000RPM=30 to 50 turns per second=between a quarter and a full turn of that fan during shutter open time.
But no, fans look "still"
These fans are not moving, or going very very slowly = they are NOT running Dirt 3 on this CPU/GPU setup
Why is the BIOS chip missing?
Or is the SATA/microSATA (looks like mobile setup) UNDERNEATH? If underneath, I wonder what else might be there!


After these FAIL PR stunts by AMD over the last two days, I have taken a decision to NOT buy an AMD CPU or an AMD/ATI GPU next time round. Shame, because you just pushed a fence sitter into the Intel and nV camps with all your nonsense!
you both seems to have problems interpreting a few pictures

only at the picture with dirt the system is running and all fans are spinning

the other pictures are taken with system off but powered as mobo leds are on

as i know hdd at laptops are under mobo always so don't expect to see it

how can you say bios chip is missing if nobody know the mobo type? maybe you know and share with us the magic numbers/producer also so we can check what you state

that's all
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Lol I was joking earlier when I said it was fake( hm i think my post got deleted) but it seems some people are really cranking the hate here :o

The facts are that this is a platform that is scheduled for release by the end of Q4 2011 or Q1 2012 and it is perfectly normal for test stage hardware to be ready months in advance.

We're not talking about some made up company working from a garage releasing gimmicky cards to make flags move naturally in-game. We're talking about the mother-f@$#ing AMD. So stop stop hatin and start lovin coz that right there sure is some sweet and juicy piece of hardware.

The only thing I'm disappointed about is that we couldn't see some die-shots or the GPU itself without the cooler.
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Completely Bonkers
X1REME said:
maybe you should look at pic 3 :slap:
catnipkiller said:
ever think about idel speeds?
Guys. Please don't suggest I didn't look at this carefully.

Let me help you understand how I arrived at my viewpoint. Find the BEST SOURCE of these pictures, not here on TPU, but from their source at the official AMD facebook page. If you look at the EXIF and COMMENTS buried in the jpgs you might take the same view as me which is they have reduced the resolution and quality of the pictures so that you get the general picture but at the same time cant see too clearly. Then use a simple tool like irfanview to "auto adjust colours". Now look at those fans. You can see they are not moving, or if moving, moving so slowly they are still during the shutterspeed of a camera shooting in indoor ambient light with the curtains closed.

A mobile CPU and mobile GPU cannotrun Dirt 3 with idle fan.

I would love this "demo setup" to be true, but I am being realistic and analysing the information and pictures presented.

I think the story is probably true. An AMD roadmap presentation in a hotel, with a quick "hey guys, come up to my room and look at this" type of "after-party" by David Cummings (AMD). But I think the article and its representation is misleading. This is an "AMD Showcase" and NOT an "AMD live demonstration". It is a concept picture, not a real live demo.


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laszlo said:
only at the picture with dirt the system is running and all fans are spinning

the other pictures are taken with system off but powered as mobo leds are on
The POST readout in the other two pictures would seen to disagree with you there. FF almost always means fully booted.

Oh, and how can something be off, but on at the same time, that doesn't even make any sense.

laszlo said:
how can you say bios chip is missing if nobody know the mobo type? maybe you know and share with us the magic numbers/producer also so we can check what you state
They can say it because there is clearly a socket for a BIOS chip that is empty.
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So the guy in the picture is David Cummings AMD employee? I would say that's more telling than fans spinning or not. Plus given the "actual source story" was exceptionally limiting in scope; I'm more left with the impression it’s allot about nothing but is true... then just got further fluffed here.
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