Tuesday, January 3rd 2012

Dishonest Intel OEM Engineers To Get Five Years Behind Bars

The Taiwan Criminal Investigation Bureau has been doing a bit of investigating and has arrested four engineers working for Intel's OEM partners (names not disclosed) for flogging Engineering Sample (ES) processors on eBay. ES processors are intended strictly for qualification testing purposes for development of new products by OEM's and are only loaned to them under strict non-disclosure agreements, hence putting these on eBay is illegal. The Bureau searched the suspects houses last month and found 178 ES CPU's, worth around $800,000. Note that this value seems to be somewhat high, as it would make each CPU worth around $4,500. We will update this article if new values come to light. Also, this is not a new operation that has been busted, since the suspects had admitted to selling around 500 ES CPU's since 2009. For their efforts, the fab four now face five years in prison.

It should be noted for anyone contemplating the purchase of such dodgy CPU's on eBay or similar places, that they may be overstressed and contain faults, due to the intensive and sometimes destructive testing they go through. Source: TechEYE
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this is funny, these guys were running an underground business :D
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Wrigleyvillain said:
These were not Intel employees rather at OEM partners like Acer or HP or a hundred(s) others that make products with Intel CPUs.
Oh. Your right. I'm special :laugh:
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Easy to miss.

Part of me will miss seeing the trays of ES CPUs up on eBay but I never would have likely actually bought one anyway. It was more an issue of not quite having the balls as opposed to the cash really. Partly because it was obviously not legit.
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this has been an issue for quite some time now actually. there are people that sell them on forums, maybe not this forum but others. I would never buy an ES cpu personally they usually suck worse then retail cpu's.
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