Tuesday, January 24th 2012

Micron, Elpida and Nanya Reportedly Having Merger Talks

According to a Japanese newspaper (Yomiuri), the country's last DRAM manufacturer, Elpida Memory, is fishing for a merger with two other memory companies, US-based Micron Technology and Taiwan's own Nanya Technology.

If it will go through, the merger would create a company better positioned in the memory market, and more capable of fighting South Korean companies like Samsung Electronics and Hynix Semiconductor.

While the company didn't comment on the merger talks, Elpida's President Yukio Sakamoto is said to have made a trip to the US last week to further negotiations with Micron. It's still uncertain how advanced are the talks but a deal could be signed this year.
Source: Reuters
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I really don't want higher prices. What happens again and again is prices get dirt cheap, oems throw in massive amounts of ram as an advertising point, something makes the bubble burst and prices go up 2-3x. Yet people continue to expect ram quantities the same or higher than they were before the burst and at the same price points. So this hurts everybody from the big companies to the self-employed builders because they have to absorb the price hike in their profits. Something similar is already happening with this HDD mess.
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