Monday, April 23rd 2012

MSI B75MA-P45 Motherboard Gets Intel SBA Certification

MSI is happy to announce that it's B75MA-P45 mainboard has passed Intel Small Business Advantage certification. This adds to an already impressive array of professional advantages of MSI's B75 mainboards. Intel Small Business Advantage ensures software and hardware stability and security and when combined with MSI's excellent Military Class based B75 mainboards provide the best overall quality and stability.

Intel Small Business Advantage Certified

The MSI B75MA-P45 is the first Intel B75 mainboard in the industry with Intel SBA Certification. Intel® SBA (Small Business Advantage) enhances Security and Productivity without switching to a traditional corporate platform. By making traditional software features hardware based, it improves stability and doesn't reduce performance.

The Intel SBA features are:

- Software Monitor
Hardware-based protection that continuously monitors your security software
- Data Backup and Restore
Automatically and reliably backs-up data at user-defined intervals, even when the PC is turned off!
USB Blocker
- Preventing data theft and virus or malware infections by classifying the USB devices that can be plugged in
- PC Health Center
Automatically keeps your PC running at optimal performance and minimize downtime by scheduling common maintenance outside office hours (when the PC is turned off)
- Energy Saver
Improve productivity and reduce waste of energy by scheduling PC boot and shut-down times.
- Intel Wireless Display
With a compatible Wi-Fi module and Intel WiDi application Intel SBA incorporates Intel WiDi technology.

MSI B75 Mainboards - Optimized stability

MSI B75 mainboards are built to provide the highest stability without costing more than a comparable legacy platform. By using MSI's Military Class components, they guarantee the best stability for environments that demand 24/7 availability. MSI B75 mainboards have also been optimized for advanced compatibility with a wide range of memory modules, from 1066 MHz to an industry first 2400 MHz on Intel's B75 chipset. Of course they support current 2nd and the soon to appear 3rd generation Intel Core CPUs securing compatibility with all current and future CPUs. Legacy PCI slots as well as current Gen2 and Gen3 PCI Express slots mean a wealth of expansion options on MSI B75 mainboards.

MSI B75 specifications and advantages
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