Tuesday, May 1st 2012

Intel Unveils NUC Mini Computer

Although at a much "smaller" scale, Raspberry Pi did to mini computers what iPad did to tablets (wake up a nearly dead product segment), and now a section of the market likes computers to be as small and potent as the ARM-driven Raspberry Pi. Although at a different end of the price and performance spectrum from the Raspberry Pi, Intel has reason to believe its NUC mini computer could achieve market success. NUC (Next Unit of Computing) is a mini box computer for the retail channel, which is roughly the size of a modern wireless router, but as powerful as a mainstream laptop.

The NUC owes its computing power to Intel Core i3/i5 "Sandy Bridge" dual-core processors (probably in the BGA-1023 package), with Intel HD 3000 graphics, and dual-channel DDR3 memory (SO-DIMMs). The logic board measures 100 x 100 mm, and has all the essential connectivity crammed into it, including umm...10 Gb/s Thunderbolt, USB 3.0, 802.11 b/g/n, and HDMI with multi-channel HD audio. This board is smaller than VIA's NANO-ITX (120 x 120 mm) form-factor. The rest of the ABS plastic enclosure's volume is spent housing the cooling assembly. Informed sources predict that while the NUC won't be priced in the hundereds or thousands of Dollars, it most certainly won't be priced at $25. A starting price of $100 seems realistic.

Sources: SweClockers, ExtremeTech
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Completely Bonkers
Blowers and air-vents everywhere! Intel needs to get TDP down one more notch, then the product will be a winner.
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Meh ... kids.

This is a mini computer:

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Kantastic said:
$100 sounds like a damned good price. I'd replace my HTPC and my guest computer with these, saves power, space, and money.
1 issue and 1 question,
Will it do concurrent audio out? USB AND HDMI? The mini suffers from this issue, just dumped one because you only get one way out at a time for sound. Hook up a DAC lose the video.

2. 4K is coming and this will lock you to the 1080P standard with no way to upgrade. 4K should be here in 2 years for the regular consumer. We are just now seeing recievers with it coming out.
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rpsgc said:
*laughs at all the deluded people who think this will cost $100*

It says "Sandy Bridge" up there, you know, not "Atom".
it says NUC up there, and one of the options is sandybridge. Just like how most netbooks are atoms doesn't mean all netbooks have atoms.

There could very well be an atom version of it, and that would be the base version, while the SB version could be 250-300$ or something
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Fishfaced Nincompoop
Yes and thank you and yes again!

Even if the price starts at $150 it's good stuff imo. $100 would be AWESOME. Give me! :D
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Wile E
Power User
A car PC seems to be coming closer and closer to fruition for me.
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