Wednesday, May 9th 2012

TSMC Gives NVIDIA Priority for 28 nm Manufacturing

Relations between NVIDIA and its principal foundry partner, TSMC, have been unpredictable in recent times, with reports of NVIDIA expressing displeasure with it over 28 nm manufacturing capacity, which is denting its competitiveness; and later crediting collaboration with it, for the energy-efficiency of its latest Kepler family of GPUs. With NVIDIA threatening to find other foundry partners for bulk manufacturing, and reports of Samsung already preparing qualification samples for it, TSMC is responding by issuing NVIDIA a priority over other clients (such as Qualcomm, AMD) for manufacturing of 28 nm chips.

While being unsatisfied with TSMC's output, and its new policy of charging for wafers rather than working chips yielded, NVIDIA refuted rumors of it seeking other foundry partners such as Samsung and Global Foundries. When put on high-priority, TSMC will facilitate speedy launch of new NVIDIA GeForce SKUs towards the end of Q2, 2012. Supply prioritization isn't new, TSMC has, in the past, prioritized Qualcomm when it threatened to shift allocations to other foundries. It remains to be seen how AMD responds to the situation, as such a prioritization would come at the expense of its volumes, and could threaten its competitiveness.
Source: DigiTimes
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HumanSmoke said:
I suppose, go with both (presumeably) HP and HPL -but who would buy the 925M version?
Well if AMD prices old HLP 925Mhz at <$400 on a PCB that's de-contented they could sell. Though with the 670 looking so good, I still like the idea of calling the 925Mhz the "new" 7950, and drop the 7950 to a 7930... and make all 7970 as Ghz! I don't know how that could sit with the buying pubic, kind of like a free performance boost for those who held out? Is it worse than more renaming? Idk

Then is it me or is it really is starting to suck with these out-of-sync launch cycle's, the enthusiast seem to get shaken down (even worse than ever but first adopters always appear that way) if the they don't make the right move and the right time. And even AMD/Nvidia are now seeing move to early and/or wait for TSMC is a two edge sword.

Good info and a good discussion!
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