Tuesday, July 24th 2012

Toshiba to Adjust Production of NAND Flash Memory at Yokkaichi

Toshiba Corporation (TOKYO:6502) today announced an adjustment to production of NAND flash memory at its Yokkaichi Operation plant in Mie Prefecture, Japan, that will cut Toshiba's production by approximately 30%, effective from today.

Oversupply of NAND flash memory in the retail market, for application in USB memories and memory cards, has resulted in continual price declines since the beginning of this year. Toshiba has responded by adjusting shipments to the retail market since June and from today will reduce the operating rate at the plant in order to adjust output. This move will help to reduce inventory in the market and improve the overall balance between supply and demand.

High growth rates are forecast for PCs and Smartphones, the drivers of global market demand of NAND flash memory, and the supply and demand balance is expected to improve in the current quarter, from July to September. Along with this, Toshiba will implement a timely production adjustment to encourage early restoration of the balance in supply and demand and improve the overall market conditions ahead of the anticipated rise in demand. Toshiba will continue to closely monitor the NAND market and re-examine production at Yokkaichi as necessary.
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2 Comments on Toshiba to Adjust Production of NAND Flash Memory at Yokkaichi

Basically, they just want to raise market prices... :shadedshu
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Completely Bonkers
Which will be deemed "anti-competitive collusion/market manipulation" in the US... and get them a nice fine. Except it will take 5 years, and we the consumers pay more now only for the gvt to make a nice mint later (which doesnt benefit u).
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