Wednesday, July 25th 2012

Radeon HD 7990 Further Delayed

Troubles don't seem to end for AMD's Radeon HD 7990 dual-GPU graphics card, with sources indicating that AMD has no new product launches till late-August. Sections of the press reported that the HD 7990 could be released some time this month. A couple of factors could be behind the delay. For starters, there have been reports of shortage of PEX8747 PCIe bridge chips by PLX, which is at the heart of dual-GPU graphics cards, including the GeForce GTX 690. Another factor could relate to how AMD plans to achieve competitive price-performance and performance-Watt ratios for the HD 7990. Meanwhile, launches of NVIDIA's mid-range GeForce GTX 660 Ti and GTS 650 are reportedly closing in.

Source: VR-Zone Chinese
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xzibit said:

you have to understand that nvidia crippled the pcp on kepler to essentially force/brauden the potential market for quadro series card. Amd gnc doesnt need to be crippled and hence potential buyers of fermi upgrade/upscales will look to 7900s for a much more cost effective solution. 7970s are on sale for under $380 for higher ppp then a 690/k10. Opengl acceleration has caught up to cuda and recent amd pps is shown to be supperior even on other hardware like intel cpus. As mush as the gaming community likes to talk smack you have to hand it to amd not being proprietary in there efforts to gain an edge nor manufacturing a artificial void/demand by excluding its much talked about pp power over 5 years for its hpc products.

If infact the 7990 comes to be at the very minimal we will be looking at a $1,000 card that has gtx 690 gaming performance with similar kepler k20 parrallel processing power. Say 3/4th of k20 for $1,000 vs $4,000 even if its a limited run product they will be worth it not just for gamers.
qft :)
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Nihilus said:

2xxx seies: low performance gain + low efficiency = fail
3xxx series: low performance gain + much higher efficiency = good
4xxx series: high performance gain + higher efficiency = great!
5xxx series: med merformance gain + same efficiency = good
6xxx series: low performance gain + higher efficiency = ok
7xxx series: med performance gain + higher efficiency = good - cost of med/high end = ok
I donno man. The 5xxx had the best performance gain ever. A 5870 card was even faster than the 4870X2. Can you say the same about the 7970 vs 6990?? Common! ;)
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I wonder if this may be faster than the GTX 690
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Prima.Vera said:
I donno man. The 5xxx had the best performance gain ever. A 5870 card was even faster than the 4870X2. Can you say the same about the 7970 vs 6990?? Common! ;)
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Where does it say that hd8 will be coming out q4 '12? I had a feel earlier, but that feel was just a feel lol So I bought a 7950 :roll:
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TheMailMan78 said:
Not really. One 5850 was faster then two 4850's in Xfire. You put two 6950's against a single 7950 and its not the same game. Not even close.
7900 series are too conservatively clocked, once clocked right, they yield awesome gains in performance.
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erocker said:
Lol, no. You need to go back in history more than two or three years.

My answer isn't in the poll. I don't think the 7990 is going to be released at all.
That would be a no by default. :confused:
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Of course it's delayed. It was going to be hard enough to put two 7970 Tahiti GPU's on one PCB for a shot at beating nVIDIA's 690, and now they're most likely trying to work two GHz Ed. 7970 Tahiti GPU's together.
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