Friday, August 3rd 2012

ELSA Announces GeForce GTX 670 SAC Graphics Card

NVIDIA AIC partner known more for its Quadro professional graphics cards, launched the GeForce GTX 670 SAC (silent air-cooling) graphics card (model: GD670-2GERX2). The card combines a reference clock-speed GeForce GTX 670 graphics processor with a custom-design cooler that comes with a tool-free removable shroud that makes it easier to clean the heatsink beneath. The card appears to be originally manufactured by Inno3D.

As mentioned earlier, the ELSA GTX 670 SAC ships with reference clock speeds of 915 MHz core, 980 MHz GPU Boost, and 6.00 GHz (GDDR5-effective) memory. The cooler design consists of a dense aluminum fin array, to which heat is conducted by a number of copper heat pipes, which is then ventilated by a pair of 75 mm fans, which offer 12 dBA lower noise, and up to 12°C lower temperatures than NVIDIA reference design cooler. The PCB appears to be essentially the same as NVIDIA reference design PCB, except its blue color. It is slated for 11th August.
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Yes! It is slated for release on my birthday :D
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Hearing more and more about this brand and not just because of the anime edition graphics card they released.

They remind me of the Galaxy brand for some reason.
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Instead of a SAC version, release a WGB version i.e. without GPU Boost. I would love to overclock this thing upto 1.4 GHz. But thanks to GPU Booost, I can't.(since clock speeds aren't fixed)
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Actually, it looks robust design
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