Friday, October 12th 2012

VTX3D Introduces its HD7990 6 GB Graphics Card

A leading brand of graphics card maker - VTX3D, today unrolls the VTX3D HD7990, serving PC enthusiastic with most extreme gaming performance. The HD7990 utilizes the advanced 28 nm architecture and PCIE 3.0 design to maximize GPU performance, even allowing greater OC ability with dual BIOS switch button embedded on bracket, which offers default mode and OC mode to choose, showing the most unrivaled performance than ever.

Fitted with 6 GB of GDDR5 memory connected via high speed 384bit x2 memory interface, VTX3D HD7990 is clocked at 900 MHz by default setting and 925 MHz at OC mode, both together with 1375 MHz for memory, revealing monster-like power for the most demanding games. The HD7990 also features ultra deluxe design with digital PWM, multi phases design and UHB, ensuring stability and reliability voltage for GPU with minimum conduction losses and lower temperatures at load.

VTX3D HD7990 includes VGA supporter inside, which is designed for providing mighty strength to support the weight of card from the back and preventing card bending situation. To satisfy power gamers with no-compromise HD gaming experience, VTX3D HD7990 offer complete support for AMD Eyefinity technology and AMD HD3D technology, gamers can get the most intense gaming performance than before. With AMD PowerPlay technology support, ensuring maximum GPU efficiency by dynamically scaling clocks speeds and power consumption in response to GPU loads.
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9 Comments on VTX3D Introduces its HD7990 6 GB Graphics Card

Inb4 "ZOMG its TUL duhhh"

btw "A leading brand of graphics card maker - VTX3D" made me giggle...
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The Watchful Moderator
Yeah - never heard of this company before:confused:
It is interesting though to see all the recent releases of a 7990 GPU. Took long enough:shadedshu
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The Exiled Airman
they been around for awhile, i think they are a Division of TUL, or Visiontek, or Diamond
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Resident Wat-man
tacosRcool said:
AMD, release an "official" 7990
I would rather see Sea Islands come sooner. :ohwell:
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Aquinus said:
I would rather see Sea Islands come sooner. :ohwell:
Same here. I think AMD have exhausted themselves with high-end 7970 cards from different manufacturer's that can easily max out any and every game out there for the price premiums they carry. We don't need anymore $900+ single cards to be able to do that.
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Whats that pipe thing in the first picture?
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Absolution said:
Whats that pipe thing in the first picture?
It is a card sustainer which can/should be put under the graphics card to avoid that weight bends the PCB, that triple slot cooler is very heavy.
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