Monday, November 19th 2012

Abee Unveils E20 and E40 Mini-ITX Cases

Abee unveiled a pair of mini-ITX cases characterized by rounded edges and glossy colors on the side panels. These include the E20, available in piano black, red, and silver; and E40, available in black and silver. The E20 is a tight squeeze , leaving no room for expansion slots, or even a PSU for that matter. It includes an external power brick, with standard ATX distribution inside. There is just enough room for CPU coolers that are up to 50 mm tall, and a 3.5-inch/2.5-inch drive. Measuring 104 x 219 x 209 mm (WxDxH), it weighs about 1.5 kg, and is made of aluminum. The E40, on the other hand, is slightly bigger, at 109 x 219 x 209 mm, although that doesn't change its holding capacity for drives. The E20 and E40 are priced at 21,980¥ (US $270) and 24,980¥ ($307), respectively.

Source: Hermitage Akihabara
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3 Comments on Abee Unveils E20 and E40 Mini-ITX Cases

I'd like to get one (E40) but those prices are ridiculous... :shadedshu
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habe fidem
I'd pick up a knock off version of the E40.
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An unbelievably overpriced PC case that you cant actually put anything useful inside of it .... Where do I pick one up?

Someone seriously thought this was a good idea ... ?
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