Thursday, January 3rd 2013

Raidmax Announces the Vampire ATX Full Tower Case

RAIDMAX today announces the VAMPIRE, a full tower case with all the features a PC building enthusiast could want: tool-free design, convenient top I/O panel, zero-clutter cable management, water cooling support, and SSD hot swap functionality. Supporting motherboard form factors up to XL-ATX, the VAMPIRE is an ideal chassis for those looking for a spacious no hassle-case.

To minimize installation, upgrade and maintenance stress the VAMPIRE has several tool-less features. This case holds up to five 5.25" drives and seven 2.5" SSD/3.5" HDDs that are easily set into place with a tool-less mounting mechanism. The side panels and PCI slot covers use thumbscrews. Also, the fan filter on the bottom of the PSU can be easily pulled out for cleaning. For overclockers who wish to add top case fans or radiators, the metal mesh can be removed without tools.
Hardware Capabilities
This spacious case can support the highest-end of setups. Lengthy, high-end video cards up to 13 inches (330mm) in length are supported. As a powerful video card requires a beefy power supply; this case supports power supplies up to 10.43 inches (265mm) long. For those overclocking, the Vampire supports massive CPU coolers up to a height of 7.68 inches (195mm). In addition, the VAMPIRE has 10 PCI slots for a plethora of expandability options.

2.5" HD Hot Swap Functionality
For on the fly data transfer the VAMPIRE features a 2.5" external hard drive hot swap bay that allows DIY builders to hook up their hard drive without having to open up the side panels.

Exceptional Cooling
With a big case comes big fans. The front panel includes a 200mm fan with a blue LED that will illuminate your system as seen through the side windowed panel. The rear of the case features a 140mm fan.

Further increasing cooling capabilities, the ventilation holes on the window side panel lets excess heat easily escape. If desired, top and side case fans can easily be installed. Also, underneath where the power supply sits are ventilation holes protected by a removable dust filter that helps increase the performance and life of your PSU.

Water Cooling Ready
This spacious case lets users integrate 240mm liquid cooling systems. The top metal mesh can be easily removed to install the water-cooling radiator. For those that want to put their radiator outside of their case, the Raidmax VAMPIRE has four rubber grommets in the rear of the chassis.

Zero-clutter Cable Management
Out of the box, the VAMPIRE provides pre-routed cable management for all the included fans, LED, USB, and audio connections. For your other wires, large rubber grommets let you guide all the cables through the 1.18 inches (30mm) of clearance behind the motherboard keeping your system neat and organized. Thanks to the size of the case, doing cable management is hassle-free.

Easily Accessible Top Panel with Adjustable Fan Controls
No need to fidget around the back as everything is right in front of you. Swap accessories quickly as the top panel is equipped with 2 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0 slots, covered audio and microphone connections. The VAMPIRE's I/O panel, located at the top of the chassis, also comes with fan speed controls.

Product Highlights of the RAIDMAX VAMPIRE full tower chassis:
  • Supports XL-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini ATX, Flex ATX, SSICEB, SSIEEB Motherboards
  • Tool-free design
  • 2.5" HD external hot swap functionality
  • Zero-clutter cable management
  • Easy access top I/O panel: 2 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0, audio input/output
  • Three speed fan control for three fans
  • MSRP: $129.99
  • Available in the USA and Canada in mid of January
For more information, visit the product page.
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15 Comments on Raidmax Announces the Vampire ATX Full Tower Case

Editor & Senior Moderator
Suddenly, vampires are cool again.
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how come they put cover like that, bulky and ugly
why dont they use lid that cleaner
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Not a bad looking case, seems to be aggresive but still look relatively understated/conservative.

I don't mind the idea of the cap system on the front panel connectors, at least dust won't gather in the other ports if only one port is being used like it would with a lid/slide door thingy. Although, I can picture the caps being lost pretty easily or they might break.
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It's about time Raidmax. I find inspiration for a modding project in this. Now make one MiniITX with this front bezel :D
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Where are the fangs? ',,'
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At least it doesn't reminds me of a twilight vampire.
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With the receded center looks like it's missing a door or something.
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micropage7 said:
how come they put cover like that, bulky and ugly
why dont they use lid that cleaner
Only part of the case that I like :)

My "lid" is always open, so the unused ports are always collecting dust and need to be blown out before use.
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Actually I kinda like this case. I may have to pick one up when they come available for my next build.
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I am going to do a build using this case. Mobo and cooler on the way. :toast:
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The Exiled Airman
This and Cooler Master HAF would be my choices. Man I miss Floppys for low level fixes that USB drives cant.
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WTH the product page is no longer working. I really want this case.
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