Monday, February 4th 2013

Futuremark Unleashes New 3DMark Benchmark Suite for Windows

Futuremark released the newest installment to its 3DMark franchise. It's the first 3DMark to lack a version name, making it a "reboot" of sorts. For starters, the new 3DMark is a collection of three independent benchmark suites, each with its own demos, game tests, physics tests, and combined tests, and scoring.

Among the three suits are "Ice Storm," designed for tablets, mobile devices, and entry-level desktops, which needs nothing more than a DirectX 9.0c GPU to get going; "Cloud Gate," for notebook and home desktops, which needs a DirectX 10 feature-level GPU; and "Fire Strike," an over-the-top suite designed for today's gaming desktops, which can make even the fastest graphics cards sweat (for example, our GTX 680 in the screenshots below). The physics tests of each of these can benefit from having multiple cores and advanced instruction sets. TechPowerUp is a premier launch partner, hosting downloads on behalf of Futuremark. Grab yours below.

DOWNLOAD: 3DMark (2013)

The new 3DMark is available in various licensing options, a free version is for people to run the suites at default settings and view scores online; an advanced version that lets you view scores locally and compare scores online, and run tests with custom settings (for most gamers and enthusiasts); and a professional version for engineers, journalists, and reviewers, wanting to dissect each benchmark run, down to second-by-second details. 3DMark has its own data-logger that generates line graphs presenting multiple data points.

The new 3DMark is also the first cross-platform benchmark. Its Ice Storm suite is being ported to iOS, Android, and Windows RT, for people to bench graphics performance on a variety of new devices, making 3DMark the first major 3D graphics benchmark to set foot on the ARM platform. These versions will be released at a later date.
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58 Comments on Futuremark Unleashes New 3DMark Benchmark Suite for Windows

Anyone having problems installing this? It installed fine in my W8 rig but in W7 it says that the CRC in is incorrect and doesn't install. I tried to download it again but keeps getting the same error. Testing with 7-zip also shows CRC errors. :confused: I even tried running the same file I ran on the W8 rig :banghead:

IBT and OCCT run fine with no errors.
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I used Flashget from US servers. 2 mins and done ;) No issues
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I know what I'll be doing this weekend. :D
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Did you occ your card? What freqs?
Yep. OCed to 900/1275 for my 5870. CPU is QX9650 running at 4GHz
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Hmm doesn't seem to work for me at all. Video freezes and music continues. Tried setting cards back at stock - no dice, can't get past first test.
Cata 13.2 beta 4 ( and beta 3 as well)
3x7970 WC ( so not a heat issue)
3d mark 11 on extreme preset and maxed out settings runs just fine
Unigine 3.0 maxed out runs fine too

New drivers I assume
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And here's some I made earlier:

GTX 670:



HD 7990:
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