Friday, June 14th 2013

ASRock Guarantees 5 Year Warranty for Z87 OC Formula Motherboards

Accidents happen, especially when you try to avoid them. But rest assured that ASRock's latest ATX sized OC Formula Series motherboards, including Z87 OC Formula/ac (with 802.11ac WiFi support) and Z87 OC Formula are protected by a special layer of Conformal Coating. As you've probably already heard, Conformal Coating protects the motherboards from conductive liquids, dust, corrosion and extreme temperatures*. And if you still feel skeptical about the lifespan of your overclocking oriented motherboards, fear not! ASRock guarantees 5 year warranty!

ASRock's Z87 OC Formula/ac and Z87 OC Formula are designed by the world famous overclocker Nick Shih. These two motherboards possess both hardware and software features for extreme overclocking, and they are also fully loaded with a set of lifestyle based features named A-Style. ASRock provides the five year warranty package as long as the malfunctions and defects occur under normal use conditions and aren't caused by misuse or abnormal operations**. If unfortunately the motherboard cannot be repaired, ASRock will replace the product with equivalent or next generation products.
  • * Conformal Coating may protect the motherboard against conductive liquids, but only to a certain extent. To avoid damaging your computer and other components, we still advise users to keep liquids a safe distance away.
  • ** The details of this 5 year warranty service may vary by different regions.
For more product information, please visit :
Z87 OC Formula/ac
Z87 OC Formula
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16 Comments on ASRock Guarantees 5 Year Warranty for Z87 OC Formula Motherboards

I see asterisks. I never like seeing those in a warranty statement.

That being said, ASRock really seem to be striking all the right keys the last three generations of motherboards. They really are improving at an impressive rate, and I hope they continue this trend all the way to the top spot among motherboard manufacturers.
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i like the way motherboards are going, especially asrock.

thats a decent warranty, ive not known of many lengthy warranties tbf.

its a pity their bios for the Fatality isnt perfect, but they like being innovative!
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Yeah, I noticed going from my Z77 Extreme6 to my Z87 Extreme6 that they dumped a lot of the silkscreened logos/features lists and legacy features e.g. FDC, LGA 775 cooler mounting holes and stuff from their boards. The UEFI has been pretty much the same for 3 generations with new backgrounds and now sounds and flashing background parts on their latest though, while a lot of other manufacturers seem to have more polished themes. Hopefully they will stay with the positive trend and keep improving their already decent products.
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Asrock is working their butt off trying to secure a tier 1 standing in the mobo market.

Next mobo is going to be either Gigabyte or ASRocking
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As an Asrock customer I can attest to their Durability and quality, However those Two asterisk's Each represent a WHOLE lot of fine print. I would recommend using the EXACT same caution as with ANY board. They are DEFINITELY keeping their asses covered, after all, You DON'T get rich writing checks. Looks VERY nice though.
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I wonder how much money they got from Coke to use their can on that shot. :D
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Solid As Rock? Not only does that sound like it isn't, it reminds me of Arrested Development. I wonder if they didn't have a better phrase to use. That said, I like their motherboards.
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I hope this will make other manufacturers do the same with their high end boards (and hopefully in the future mid range as well).
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I'd advise ASRock owners to keep their new motherboards away from water, considering how the ASRock marketing department likes to bend the truth...

(Initial research suggests they're telling the same lie about their z87 offerings)
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If you read the fine print, damage from electrical shortage from conductive liquids, i.e. water, are not covered nor should they be. The coating is a momentary protection not compensation for H2O cooling systems that historically leak and destroy PC hardware.
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All I want to know is; who will make the most robust motherboard of the 3, Asus, Gigabyte or Asrock. For those of us living in extremely dusty environment and high climate temperatures, motherboards are one of the first things to go kaput. :cry:
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Maban, post: 2922755"

Digitally Controlled Dual PWM doesn't mean digital PWM?
Nope. It's hybrid digital/analog.
MSI were honest about it and called their PWM hybrid digital, ASRock just lies and called it digital.

Also worth a read:

It doesn't make ASRock motherboards any worse of a product, but I wouldn't believe a damn thing their marketing department says.
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No love for MSI? MSI rocks!
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lol, which enthusiast keeps his board for 5 years? Computers are ancient after 3 years....if you're an enthusiast.

I would prefer they offered faster turnaround times for warranty replacements. Depending on where you live, warranty can take 4 -8 weeks.
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