Wednesday, October 9th 2013

NVIDIA Sets Up Price Cuts in Response to Radeon R9 Series

In the wake of AMD rolling out the $299 Radeon R9 280X, $199 Radeon R9 270X, and $139 Radeon R7 260X; NVIDIA is giving final touches to price cuts to several of its SKUs, beginning with the GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost. Originally priced at $149, pricing of the card could be adjusted closer to that of the R7 260X. Our review of the card revealed NVIDIA's offering to be a staggering 24 percent faster overall. NVIDIA could also lower the price of the now $180 GeForce GTX 660. All eyes, however, are on the $249 GeForce GTX 760, which is sandwiched by AMD's offerings.

There's also talk of NVIDIA developing a new SKU, possibly the "GeForce GTX 760 Ti" or "GeForce GTX 765" (likely names), to occupy the $240~260 price range. We expect this chip to be essentially an overclocked GeForce GTX 670 with GPU Boost 2.0; which may not quite go after the R9 280X, since it's already performing on par with the GeForce GTX 770. The new price cuts could take effect very soon; although DigiTimes isn't ruling out a second round of price-cuts in November, either.

Source: DigiTimes
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31 Comments on NVIDIA Sets Up Price Cuts in Response to Radeon R9 Series

1d10t said:
Newegg has Asus Matrix at $410,while in my homeland,which still considered third world (Indonesia)....

hold your breath...

... $680

I just fell i had the most crappiest,greediest,blood sucking retailer in the world :banghead:
that's how economic model of price determination applied :laugh:
If demand increases and supply remains unchanged, a shortage occurs, leading to a higher equilibrium price -wikipedia
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Those prices are actual in some shops but in some shops they still got like over the bar prices.IT depends on retailer how they set prices and not on manufacturer.
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i had my eye on 2 760s for the passed 3 this point i might as well wait even longer. thank you AMD!
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A price change on GK106 variants has been long anticipated. Nvidia held obstinately to the GTX650Ti Boost and GTX660 prices for too long, given the 7850 was in the mix. Now that it's not, that change alone would impart Nvidia is doing nothing really. They're lower each $10 to help you feel good... nice but not game-changing. Then there's AMD's belief Bonaire (was/is) good enough for entry 1080p gaming, and while it may well be that's not the message folks are hearing.

While the GTX650Ti Boost shows advantages it's chiefly due to review platforms that portray it as having a leg up. When placed in a more "moderate entry system" that its' class normally deems, the ability to get some of the AA improvements are nowhere near as obtainable. I’d like to see a head-to-head review on a i3/FX-4300 and platform with like 4Gb, no SSD and see what actual levels of game-play can be wrung-out. I'm not saying a R7-260X doesn't come up on the short end, but the results aren't anywhere near as "staggering" as what "bleeding-edge Enthusiast" test platforms bestow.

That said, AMD is not straight in the head to believe a bump in clock, an extra Gb on memory, all round a $10 price drop could meet the expectations for situation. They knew dam well how it would play-out and went all "softball"! And for that Nvidia is worthy to pick the loin share of $100-150 sales and get top margins.

AMD's marketing needs to get out there and work with some reviewers and sites to judge the merit of such offering as within "entry market systems" at the least, or just go lick their self-inflicted wounds. :shadedshu

As for 760/770 price dropping anytime soon I don't see it until AMD announces non-X variants. Even then Nvidia could rename the GTX670 for $270; drop the 760 down $20... and call it good.
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Protagonist said:
You got it better than here, In Kenya HD7970 or GTX680 retail for $720
Good GOD!what do they bundle with?Cocaine?

that's how economic model of price determination applied :laugh:

as economic degree holder,i know that...well..some of it :D
it just faith been twisted so i had to stuck in IT pit-hole :ohwell:
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My 7970 was 250 euro's with never settle bundle and a 10 euros voucher for clothes :rolleyes:

250 is like 340 us dollars.
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