Thursday, October 31st 2013

SK Hynix Develops Industry-Leading 6 Gb LPDDR3 Memory

SK Hynix Inc. announced that it has developed 6 Gb (Gigabit) LPDDR3 (Low Power DDR3) using its 20 nm class process technology. This product is a high-performance mobile memory solution that features low power consumption and high-density, which is ideal for next generation premium mobile devices.

Four 6 Gb LPDDR3 products can be stacked up and realize a high density of maximum 3 GB (Gigabytes, 24 Gb) solution in a single package. In consequence, this package reduces the operating power as well as the standby current by 30% and the height of the package becomes thin compared to the Company's 4 Gb-based one. In addition, it works at ultra low-voltage of 1.2V thus it satisfies low power consumption which mobile applications demand.
The product works at 1866 Mbps, and with a 32-bit I/O it processes up to 7.4 GB of data per second in a single channel, and 14.8 GB in a dual channel. It can be provided in a form of 'PoP' (Package on Package) to mobile devices.

"After SK Hynix developed the world's first high-density 8 Gb LPDDR3 last June of this year, this is another achievement so that the Company can offer 6 Gb LPDDR3 using 20 nm class this time and is able to far strengthen its competitiveness in high-density products for mobile gadgets," Senior Vice President Richard Chin, the Head of Global Sales Marketing said. "Especially, with the 3 GB solution based on 6 Gb LPDDR3 which is optimal for high-end mobile devices, we will continuously lead the mobile industry" he added.

3 GB LPDDR3 products are expected to be noticeably loaded mainly on to high-end mobile devices from the first half of next year and will be loaded constantly until 2015. SK Hynix plans to diversify the product portfolio by enhancing its technology in the mobile products and developing top-performance memory products to actively lead the evolving mobile industry.

Samples of this new product have been already shipped to customers and the Company plans to start the mass production at the beginning of next year.
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