Tuesday, November 19th 2013

CM Storm QuickFire TK Stealth Gaming Keyboard Launches in Europe

Cooler Master, an industry leading case, thermal solution, gaming gear, and mobile accessory manufacturer, has announced the release of the QuickFire TK Stealth gaming keyboard.

The QuickFire TK Stealth is a mechanical gaming keyboard with the printed letters on the side of the keys instead of on top. When you look directly down on the keyboard, it appears all the keys are black. Yet, the print is easily viewable from the front. Besides form, this also has function. Front printed keys last longer than normal keycaps because there is no finger friction to wear away the print.
The QuickFire TK Stealth is a compact, steel-reinforced, mechanical gaming keyboard. While compact and lightweight, it features a complete NumPad block. So you have more desk space for your mouse and can switch between Game mode and Numpad mode - no compromise!

Quality That Gamers, Professionals, and Computer Enthusiasts rely on!
High quality Cherry MX switches matter. They provide faster key presses, response times, precision and tactile sensation that professionals require.

N-key roll over means every single key press is registered when pressed. The TK Stealth supports N-key roll over in USB mode. Media short cuts with a FN key lets you control your movies and music easily. Furthermore, the windows key can be disabled quickly so you don't get kicked back to the windows desktop in the middle of a gaming session.

An embedded steel plate gives the TK Stealth maximum stability and durability. This keyboard stays in place. A gold plated, braided USB cable and routing management groove maintains a strong link between keyboard and PC.

The QuickFire TK Stealth will be available in November for a estimated end user price of €95.
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4 Comments on CM Storm QuickFire TK Stealth Gaming Keyboard Launches in Europe

i think this could be the best idea ever for keyboards.
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marsey99 said:
i think this could be the best idea ever for keyboards.
too bad this idea is old and already used to death by other manufactures such as filco, das, ducky, keycool and plethora of others...

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1st time i had seen it :o

still a great idea :D
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so its just a rebrand of quickfire tk with no backlit and side printed abs keycaps? i still prefer my original qf tk... at least the led make it worth more than this stealth... i would definitely get it if this have backlit side printed keys...
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