Tuesday, December 3rd 2013

MSI Planning Gaming Series Cases and Coolers

"Gaming Series" proved to be a successful way for MSI to package its graphics cards and motherboards. The signature deep-red and black color scheme, coupled with the "dragon" logo deck up MSI products in a premium way that only ROG managed for ASUS; and the company is looking to milk it further. According to an Expreview report, MSI is planning to launch Gaming Series-branded cases and cooling solutions. MSI isn't new to cases, but its cases haven't exactly made a mark for themselves, or seen wide availability. The company will, hence, tie up with proven case (and cooling) manufacturers such as NZXT, and share its branding with them.

Enthusiasts in China spotted MSI Gaming Series variants of popular NZXT cases, such as the Phantom 410 (pictured below), and also certain cases from Jonsbo, a local Lian Li-like case maker that specializes in all-aluminium monoliths. Sources also told Expreview that MSI could share the Gaming Series brand with the likes of Thermalright/Cogage, which could launch a variant of its True Spirit TS120 tower-type CPU air cooler.
Source: Expreview
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My name is Dave
Nice. Hope to see some hit my doorstep; I could use a new case. :p
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MSI planning using a sticker on a phantom 410 Chimera case. oooh...
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MSI bought Alienware? Cuz that case looks like an old Alienware design...
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Sp33d Junki3
Svarog said:
MSI bought Alienware? Cuz that case looks like an old Alienware design...
Dell owns Alienware.
This the 2 small ones were Lian-Li
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Digital Dreams
As much as I love MSI products nothing says PC rice like dragons. Seems marketed to the teenage crowd which is fine, if you're into that sort of thing.
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