Tuesday, August 5th 2014

Enmotus Showcases Its Flash/HDD Hybrid Storage Solutions at Flash Memory Summit

Enmotus Inc. announced that it is demonstrating its FuzeDrive hybrid storage software solutions at the Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, CA. The product and technology demos highlight the versatility of Enmotus' hybridization technology, which enables high performance, cost effective hybrid storage utilizing storage media such as Flash/HDD and Flash/Flash as well as next generation Storage Class Memory such as NVDIMM.

FuzeDrive targets applications that require high performance such as databases and analytics as well as content delivery solutions. The demonstration can be seen at the Flash Memory Summit, booth 219, taking place in the Santa Clara Convention Center on Aug. 5-7.

"Our FuzeDrive solution changes the cost structure of the traditional hybrid storage model. Utilizing off the shelf servers and components, FuzeDrive allows you to easily build server based high performance hybrid storage solutions, with cost points 2-3X less than today's leading solutions," said Andy Mills, CEO of Enmotus. "The technology, which is not limited to Flash and Hard drives, benefits solutions utilizing different grades of flash, such as SLC and MLC, and emerging technologies such as NVDIMM, thereby extending the cost benefits of hybrid storage to all flash hybrid storage as well," continued Mills.

"The Enmotus FuzeDrive solution provides EchoStreams with performance and flash scalability required by professional video post-production and content delivery solutions," said Gene Lee, CEO of EchoStreams Innovative Solutions. "The hybrid storage solution provides unlimited scalability of the flash tier as well as the ability to lock the working set to the fast tier if desired. These features along with the flexibility of the policy-driven data mover capability are critical to meet the different requirements coming from different applications," added Lee.

The FuzeDrive solutions on display include:
  • Server based all flash Hybrid Storage solution tiering 2 classes of flash, for a high performance, cost effective all flash solution.
  • Echostreams 4K Video Post Production/Content delivery hybrid storage solution with 1 TB of flash and 4.5 TB of hard drive capacity.
  • Viking NVDIMM tiered storage solution emphasizing the simplicity of integrating NVDIMMs, which is being demonstrated on a Supermicro X9DRH-iF-NV system(Viking booth 510)
FuzeDrive solutions are now sampling to OEMs.
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