Tuesday, September 2nd 2014

Mushkin Announces New Essentials DDR4 Memory Modules

Mushkin Enhanced MFG, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance computer innovations and solutions, today announced that it has officially launched its lineup of unbuffered DDR4 "Essentials" modules. This milestone places Mushkin at the development forefront for the next generation of memory products, which will be nearly twice as fast as today's highest speed DDR3 memory modules. Mushkin's DDR4 Essentials UDIMMs will be available in limited quantities mid-September, with full production volumes available in Q4.

"Mushkin is proud to usher in our fourth generation of double data rate memory modules," said Brian Flood, Mushkin's Director of Product Development. "With our vast experience in DDR technology from the previous three generations, our Essentials DDR4 UDIMMs continue our tradition of providing reliable, high performance, JEDEC-compliant system memory solutions."

The new additions offer increased performance at lower power: the supply voltage being reduced to just 1.2 volts for DDR4, providing a 20% improvement over DDR3. This voltage reduction is an important prerequisite for limiting power consumption and heat generation due to the increase in bandwidth. With Mushkin's industry-leading testing and quality program, customers can qualify, integrate, and deploy Mushkin's Essentials DDR4 memory modules with confidence.

For more information on Mushkin DDR4 Essentials, please visit: DDR4 Products Page
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It's going to take quite some time for all of these DRAM companies to recover their investment in DDR4 with a down world wide economy and PC economy in addition to the lack of actual need for DDR4 other than in new servers. It would sure be nice if AMD and Intel could release some seriously fast CPUs that can actually use the potential of DDR4 but that won't happen for years to come.
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