Monday, June 8th 2015

Noctua Makes Progress with ANC Fans

Noctua announced several major design breakthroughs in its effort to design the first fan with a fully integrated active noise-cancellation system (ANC). ANC works on the principle of destructive interference in wave mechanics. As the fan blades and motor produce noise, a microphone takes in that noise to a processor, which inverts the phase of the sound, and sends it to speakers, that give out sound that interferes destructively with the noise output of the fan, reducing its amplitude.

Noctua announced breakthroughs that include a logic board that can fit into the fan's motor-hub and needn't stay in an [ugly] plastic box hanging outside the fan; and a new standards-compliant 25 mm-thick 120 mm fan design, which will pass off as any 120 mm fan; and can be easily installed on existing systems. The company also improved the ANC system magnets that run along the bore of the frame, and is working on improving the impeller design, and the software driving the ANC system. The company successfully concluded mass-production feasibility study.
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stuffwow, just that size
its too simple for noise cancellation stuff
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That's some hard work right there. ANC in a fan...I wouldn't think of it. But they might pull it off.
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ANC in a fan could be a game changer. It could run at full bore all the time and the noise could be as muffled as the lowest RPM speed.
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This is why Noctua has been my go-to company for years regardless of color. They never stop innovating and releasing high quality components.
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Can you imagine the price of these beauties!!
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FinnersCan you imagine the price of these beauties!!
With the usual for Noctua 6 year warranty on their kinda pays out to be fair.
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