Monday, June 8th 2015

Noctua Unveils Two New Slim A-series Fans

Noctua unveiled two new super-slim A-series fans at Computex 2015. These include the all-white Slim 120 mm spinner, and the Slim 200 mm. The 120 mm Slim A-series is just 15 mm thick (compared to 25 mm standard); and features an all-white frame and impeller. It features an acoustic-optimized frame, with inner surface micro-structures that serve an anti-acoustic function; and vibration-dampening pads along its frame-mount, and included rubber bolts. An SS02 bearing gives the fan six-figure-hour MTBF. The 200 mm version features all those, plus a common Noctua-brown color scheme, and a 200 mm low-noise impeller.
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The slim 120mm fan was shown at one of these events about a year ago and has never come to market for sale. I'll believe it when I see it but anyone wanting one don't hold your breath.

EDIT: EXACT SAME products were shown at Computex 2014
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that first looks like it was made with a 3d printer
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Thermaltake fanboy
Slim fans are pretty useful on top exhaust fans… I love them .. I use Gelid Fans…. but noctuas are pretty interesting options…

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ZoneDymo, post: 3294175, member: 66089"
that first looks like it was made with a 3d printer
Yeah, I was just thinking "That's not white it's non-dyed." I hope they don't put it out like that as it seriously conflicts with their quality image.
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