Wednesday, January 3rd 2007

GIGABYTE Unveils Whole 945 Series of All-Solid Capacitor Motherboards

GIGABYTE announced today the launch of a full range of 945 series All-Solid Capacitor motherboards completing a total product line up of All-Solid Capacitor motherboards based on 945 through 965 chipsets. The brand new 945 series All-Solid Capacitor motherboards qualify GIGABYTE as the first motherboard maker to provide a full range of ultra durable motherboards from high-end to mainstream products. Generating less heat than their electrolyte counterparts, solid capacitors last on average 6 times longer, helping to ensure that PCs stay reliable for longer. Additionally, solid capacitors have a higher tolerance not only for higher temperatures, but they also perform better with higher frequencies and higher current than electrolytic capacitors. Adopting an all solid capacitor design include also Intel 946 and Intel 965 chipset motherboards made by GIGABYTE. All solid capacitor parts will be recognized by the new revision 2.0.Source: GIGABYTE
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3 Comments on GIGABYTE Unveils Whole 945 Series of All-Solid Capacitor Motherboards

Should be interesting to see if the solid caps really bring anything of value to the table. I am aware there were some bad electrolytic caps that many mobo companies used a few years ago that caused Hell for a lot of users.

I'm wondering if Asus bought Gigabyte to obtain some competent mobo engineers or what? Asus has sure had mobo design and engineering problems over the past three years as most any Asus hardware review can substantitate. Maybe Gigabyte will help Asus because they seem Hell bent on producing desposable consumer products unworthy of consumption, IMO.

Time will tell...
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Gigagbyte are my favorite pc component brand because they make stuff to last and nodoubt this motherborad will be the next award in the waiting for Gigabyte

GJ Gigabyte!
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Bird of Prey
Cool. Very interesting, though Im not an intel user. Wish they would do the same with their AM2 boards :)
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