Tuesday, January 10th 2017

Digital Storm Showcases Its "Aventum 3" Update

At CES 2017, Digital Storm made sure to showcase the computer case to devour all others: the Aventum 3 stands tall and deep with 28" height and more than 25" front-to-back, this is a truly massive tower, with room for more fans (it has about 20), cables (more than can be sanely counted), and custom liquid cooling than two or three mid-tower-size typical desktops.
Apart from the hardware updates (Intel's Kaby Lake and NVIDIA's Pascal), there are some other changes under the hood. For one, Digital Storm says it's shifted from bent tubes because the bends can introduce weak points, opting instead for straight tubes and chrome elbows. Also of note is the fact that the water cooling solution employed on the Aventum 3 effectively runs through the entire chassis and component sections - even on the back of the motherboard. The front panel counts (besides the usual USB 3.0 ports) with a Type-C port, which is effectively minute in the face of the chassis.
The doors of the lower cooling chamber on each side of the Aventum 3 now swing out to allow for easy cleaning of the massive radiators or swapping out the fans, with the side panels featuring a "snap on" mechanism instead of the usual sliding into grooves mechanism.

All in all, the Aventum 3 reveals itself as an over-the-top PC case, with characteristics and solutions that really do prove Digital Storm's attention to details and the care that was put into the development of this monster of a case. though no details on the hardware updates were specified, the Aventum 3 will carry only the latest hardware after this refresh effectively comes out, at a pricing that is sure to match its gargantuan proportions.
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it looks almost same design as corsair 900D :)
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I'm not gonna lie, if I had the money I'd buy a top of the line Digital Storm Aventum yesterday. They were always my favorite boutique PC maker.

Still, since I don't have 10+ grand to spend on a PC, I'll just continue assembling my own.
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Finally a case where I can aim fans at the back of my motherboard tray!
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