Wednesday, March 1st 2017

Antec to Offer Cooler Upgrade Kits For AMD's Ryzen and AM4 Platform

Antec Inc., a leading provider of high-performance computer components and accessories for the gaming, PC upgrade and Do-It-Yourself market, officially announced that they will provide users of their CPU coolers with mounting upgrade kits for the new AM4 socket of AMD's upcoming Ryzen architecture.

The upgrade kits will be available for Antec's CPU cooler models H600 Pro, H1200 Pro, C400, C40 as well as A40 Pro and will be part of the scope of delivery with all new and coming CPU coolers. In order to obtain the kits via Antec's Support Team (, users are required to fill in a form, upload a proof of purchase (electronic version, scan or photo of the invoice) of an AM4 motherboard or AM4 CPU as well as an eligible Antec retail CPU cooler.
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4 Comments on Antec to Offer Cooler Upgrade Kits For AMD's Ryzen and AM4 Platform

I want to buy an Asrock X370 Taichi and as far as I can tell it doesn't have AM3 mounting holes like the Crosshair VI Hero. I have an Antec Kuhler H2o 620 which isn't on the list above. Am I f*cked? No upgrade kits for me?
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That's some of the worst static I have seen, in that picture.
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What was the source of this information?
Antec support just told me (as of 21/07/17) that they have no AM4 brackets for the H1200 Pro.
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Any support for H120 (not Pro version)?
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