Monday, July 24th 2017

Corsair Announces New Color Option for Their RMx Line of PSUs - Now In White

Adding to the color options available for your own rig's color profile (without you having to do the paint job yourself,) Corsair has now announced a white version of their popular RMx series of PSUs. The new additions to the RMx line-up come in a glacier white color scheme with black accents (almost a negative of their previously released RMx series coloring.) Corsair went out of its way and made it so that even the cable's sleeving (which keeps its RMx-known modularity) is in this white color scheme as well, so you can rest easy that no part of your rig - not even the cables - will stand out against your color scheme - at least where Corsair is concerned.
The cables has been individually sleeved using Paracord, and Corsair also includes a set of cable combs so as to keep all the individual cables untangled. As for other features, the RMx White series are 80 Plus Gold rated (which means they are guaranteed to deliver 90% energy efficiency at real world load conditions;) feature a ZeroRPM mode for fanless operation at low loads on its 135mm fan; is fully made-up of 100% Japanese 105°C capacitors, so as to ensure solid power delivery and long term reliability; and last but not least, offer the same 10 year warranty.
Source: Corsair
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5 Comments on Corsair Announces New Color Option for Their RMx Line of PSUs - Now In White

Well, looks like a new PSU will be in order ;)
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Best PSU money can buy.
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Why it take them so long? they have white cases you think white PSUs would be a no brainer
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I wish they had a 550w version of it.
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And there will be many to follow, I think.

White/black builds + RGB is happening and I might just step in on that. Match made in heaven. Shame I dont need a PSU though :D
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