Monday, October 2nd 2017

MSI Reveals X399 SLI Plus Motherboard

MSI's next outing for the X399 platform seems to be the X399 SLI Plus. A downgrade from the company's X399 Gaming Pro Carbon, the X399 SLI Plus keeps all of the required features, and does away with some of the unneeded extras that are ever more creeping towards motherboards.

Specifically, the SLI Plus does away with the metallic RAM reinforcements and lowers the number of reinforced PCIe x16 slots to just two - by a wide margin, the most common configuration for the dwindling SLI or CrossFire crowds. It also sheds one extra PCIe x16 port - the Gaming Pro Carbon features 5 such ports, but the SLI Plus makes do with "only" 4, adding an extra PCIe x1 to the mix. It still features the same 3x M.2 ports, although MSI's M.2 Shield only makes its appearance on one of them, again, contrary to the Gaming Pro Carbon, which uses MSI's M.2 Shield in all three of them. All in all, it seems MSI's X399 SLI Plus motherboard does away with the extra frills, making clever cuts while keeping most of the functionality. Expect this motherboard to come in at a lower price bracket than the Gaming Pro Carbon.
Source: Videocardz
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2 Comments on MSI Reveals X399 SLI Plus Motherboard

huuummm, frag it, tag it and stag it...never fails...

Like we REALLY need more nearly identical mobos from each mfgr to make our buying decisions even more complicated than they already are .....

Also, wth is up with only giving us 1 or maybe 2 of those $3 m.2 heat shields on a $250+ setup....
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~Technological Technocrat~
bonehead123, post: 3733434, member: 139670"
Also, wth is up with only giving us 1 or maybe 2 of those $3 m.2 heat shields on a $250+ setup....
They were a gimmick to begin with unless you fitted your own which had little fins on it to help dissipate the heat. Not a huge loss
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