Thursday, November 30th 2017

Empire Divided DLC Takes Players Back to the Third Century in Total War: ROME II

SEGA Europe Ltd. today announced the launch of the new campaign DLC Empire Divided for Total War: ROME II. Empire Divided plunges players into the crisis of the third century, a do-or-die era for the Roman Empire. Players can embrace challenge of unifying the disparate Roman factions in glory - or playing as one of Rome's enemies, and dealing the killing blow.

Empire Divided breathes new life into ROME II, with 10 different playable factions, new victory conditions and new campaign features for players to contend with such as plagues, cults and banditry. Empire Divided also has a big narrative focus, as it chronicles the journeys of the characters and powers involved in this turbulent and fascinating time.
To celebrate the release of Empire Divided, players can sign up to Total War Access and grab ROME II for 66% off, or select one of the following DLCs for free; Wrath of Sparta, Black Sea Colonies or Nomadic Tribes. Terms and Conditions apply. Please visit Total War Access for further details.

Total War: ROME II - Empire Divided is available to purchase on Steam now:
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3 Comments on Empire Divided DLC Takes Players Back to the Third Century in Total War: ROME II

I reinstalled Rome 2 last night and I'm gonna give this a run through.

I must ensure that Rome's glory continues on for atleast another 150 years!
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been a while since I played. I ran through it twice but now every itch I have to replay it, I end up playing original Rome TW instead.
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Well, the play through began and its almost complete. It's been fun, but I think I should have done it on legendary instead of very hard. I might play it one more time from another Roman faction.
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