Wednesday, February 7th 2018

iBase MBN806, the First AMD Snowy Owl Motherboard to Appear in the Wild

Taiwanese industrial computer manufacturer iBase has listed what appears to be the first motherboard for AMD's Snowy Owl platform. Based on the BGA2028 socket, the iBase MBN806 is powered by an eight-core, eight-thread EPYC Embedded 3201 SoC with a clock speed up to 2.3 GHz. The motherboard has four DDR4 memory slots and supports up to 128GB of registered memory or 64GB of unregistered memory (ECC/non-ECC) at a maximum frequency of 2667 MHz. A lonely PCIe x8 also slot sits near the memory slots. As for storage options, the MBN806 comes with two SATA III ports and a PCIe x4 M.2 slot that supports both the SATA and PCIe protocols. By default, there are no integrated display outputs, but consumers can purchase a separate IPMI module to add a VGA port to the motherboard. Ethernet connectivity is present via an Intel I210-AT GbE controller.
Source: iBase
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eidairaman1 said:
Weird platform
It's very proprietary, so "use" focused too.
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Considering that there are places for another 4 RAM slots.. embedded high performance machines meant for demanding environments, with high RAM use and low thread count, so extremely serial work. Seismology/exploration in the field, where many of these might tie back to a central server?
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