Monday, November 19th 2018

ID-Cooling Releases AURAFLOW X 240 Budget RGB AIO Water Cooler

ID-COOLING a cooling solution provider focusing on thermal dissipation and fan technology research and production for over 10 years, announced AURAFLOW X 240 AIO water cooler, featuring the newly developed powerful pump and 12V RGB lighting on both the pump and fans at the same time synchronizing with motherboard RGB control.

AURAFLOW X 240 is equipped with the newly developed powerful pump which has the flow rate reaching up to 106L/H, lift range 1.3m H2O. The pump block has a micro-fin copper base to ensure the best cooling performance. Power connector is 3pin with a 3pin to Molex adapter to help ensure 12V constant input to ensure maximum cooling performance. It also comes with a standard 12V RGB connector.

Solid connectors are used on both ends of the premium sleeved tubing, more reliable & performance efficient. Tubing length is 400mm. Inside the tubing is self-contained highly efficient and eco-friendly liquid coolant.

A pair of RGB fans are included. Fan blades are made of special lighting diffusing material to help spread the light evenly. Fan speed is PWM controlled from 700 to 1800RPM, pushing max. airflow of 74.5CFM each. Rubber dampeners on fan frame are provided to absorb vibration to lower operation noise.

The pump and two fans have separate RGB cables which can all connected to the RGB splitter, through which the RGB lighting can be controlled either by motherboard software or the included internal controller. The RGB splitter supports 4 devices at the same time, so users can add an extra RGB LED fan.

Universal mounting brackets are included. AURAFLOW X 240 is compatible with Intel LGA2066/2011/1366/1150/1151/1155/1156 & AMD TR4/AM4/FM2+/FM2/FM1/AM3(+)/AM2(+).

MSRP for AURAFLOW X 240: USD $79.99 / 79.99€. Available date: Late November, 2018. For more information, visit the product page.
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5 Comments on ID-Cooling Releases AURAFLOW X 240 Budget RGB AIO Water Cooler

The idea of a 'budget' water cooling solution slightly worries me. :eek:
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I really really dig the aesthetics of the block though. This looks nice and clean.
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Anutha day, yet ANUTHA set of xmas lights to cool ya rig....yipee....snooze....yawn.....:D
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I recently reviewed an ID-Cooling AIO, the Dashflow, and the mounting backplate of this looks exactly like that... which is a bad thing.

Over a repeated amount of mounts, or just over time, the foam backing compresses, reducing the contact between the cold plate and the CPU IHS.

This issue is further exacerbated by the mounting screws which don't seem to have a notch to hold them when tightening it down, which caused them to rotate at the same time as being tightened,

And also the screws which were too long that didn't help as well; created issues with getting proper amount of pressure between the cooler and the CPU...

The only one that I've seen that doesn't use this mounting is the Zoomflow, but I have yet to check that out.

EDIT: I've reviewed the standard Auraflow before, and it uses this same mounting as well, so if this is anything like that... I wouldn't get it. Back when I reviewed that I couldn't figure out why the performance was getting steadily worse over time but now I know.
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John Naylor
The idea of 106 liters/hour being described as "powerful" is frightening... Depending on system, I won't settle for less than 1.00 to 1.25. This is what I use... normal usage runs about 35% (1.25 gpm) ... peak temps at about 55% ...after that no real improvement in flow rate and always quiet. I wouldn't never want anything below 1.00 gpm and always design around 1.5 .... this is about 40% of that

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