Monday, December 3rd 2018

ELSA Announces Its Turing-Powered Lineup in Partnership with INNO3D

ELSA, who've been taking longer and longer to release their own-branded interpretations of NVIDIA's graphics cards, have now decided to partner with INNO3D to deliver their own branded graphics cards under the Turing microarchitecture. Under the "powered by INNO3D" branding, ELSA is announcing RTX 2070 and RTX 2080 graphics cards.

The two models will be the RTX 2070 S.A.C., which features reference clockspeeds in a dual-fan, dual-slot model that's 20.6 cm long. A blast from the past DVI port is present, alongside 2x DisplayPort, 1x HDMI, and 1x USB Type-C. The RTX 2080 is marketed as ERAZOR, featuring a dual-fan, dual-slot design as well, in a bigger package (26.7 cm) with an RGB-blinged top shroud. There's also a mild overclock up to 1755 MHz. This card does away with the DVI connector in favor of a third DisplayPort connector, with the rest of the ports remaining the same as the RTX 2070 S.A.C.
Source: Videocardz
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4 Comments on ELSA Announces Its Turing-Powered Lineup in Partnership with INNO3D

SiLLent air cooling.

Awesome. They can't even spell
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Uhm right. How Inno3d parent company PcPartner fits in this picture?
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Man, I thought Elsa kicked the bucket over a decade ago...
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The only thing I can think of is that Inno3D will be taking lower binned parts and selling them thru ELSA. I can't imagine Inno would take buy backs from the customer and sell them back thru ELSA.

I just wish Inno3D would ship the 2080Ti 240MM water cooled product they've hyped for a few months now. Where is it?!? Aorus Waterforce Edition, here I come.
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