Tuesday, April 16th 2019

Cooler Master Introduces New Square Fan Series

Cooler Master, a global leader in PC component manufacturing, today, announces the launch of their new Square Fan (SF) series of PC fans. Introduced as part of the MasterFan family, the new SF series of fans are equipped not only with RGB lighting, but features designed to enhance user experience in installation and performance.

Three new fans are included in the new SF series, the MasterFan SF120R RGB, SF120R ARGB and the SF360R ARGB. All three fans feature Cooler Master's new square fan design, while the SF360R ARGB fan incorporates multiple fans in an All-In-One frame. The entire SF series features rubber pads around each point of connection to decreases vibration and reduce noise pollution. In addition, the SF series of fans are designed to be compatible with all current AIO liquid coolers and most computer cases.
Enhanced User Experience
Ease of installation goes hand in hand with the new SF360R ARGB's integrated frame design. Instead of having to individually install multiple fans, the SF360R ARGB allows users to install three fans in the same amount of time it would take to install one. Cooler Master has also decreased the number of cables needed to just two per frame, one for lighting and one 4-pin PWM. In addition, the SF120R RGB, SF120R ARGB and SF360R ARGB also include a lighting extension headers for RGB signal that allows users to chain one fan to another without having to use an RGB splitter cable.

Inspired lighting features
Included with the SF360R ARGB is a small wired ARGB controller that enables new lighting modes to better showcase its addressable RGB capabilities. The SF series is also compatible with most major RGB motherboard manufacturers such as, ASUS, MSI and ASRock, and their included software.

Cooler Master will release additional models of the MasterFan SF series in the coming months, including the SF240R ARGB, SF120P ARGB and SF240P ARGB.

The MasterFan SF120R RGB, SF120R ARGB and SF360R ARGB are available for pre-sale in North America, today, at online retailers such as Newegg.com. For more information on Cooler Master's MasterFan SF series, please visit the product pages of the SF120R RGB, SF120R ARGB, and SF360R ARGB.
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8 Comments on Cooler Master Introduces New Square Fan Series

Well, the "global leader in PC component manufacturing" seems to be a little thin on actual specs of these new fans, so either they are no better than any other average fan, or the press-release people are just stupid and forgot to include the info.......

Yes I know I could "just google it" but whats the point of wasting my time to read the release if it doesn't contain enough info to make me wanna buy them..

Oh wait, I forgot...my bad.....they are SQUARE and have R.friggin.G.friggin.Beez.... yea that helps so much.... :eek:
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How revolutionary. Now if one in the array goes bad you have to buy all three again.
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VarioHow revolutionary. Now if one in the array goes bad you have to buy all three again.
No, CoolerMaster will say " If one goes bad you have two backup fans." :) It's all marketing. Anyhow, only plus side is maybe it makes for cleaner wiring.
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Specs aren't bad... 2.1 mmH20 ± 10% and 59 CFM ± 10%. Better than Corsair's. Noise levels aren't given though, which if considering these on a radiator will be an important consideration. There's some stiff competition from other manufacturers of course when it comes to rad fans, and most watercooling enthusiasts are not going to be swayed by RGB, which EK already have anyway on their EVO fans (and which are a better spec than these).
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Editor & Senior Moderator
VarioHow revolutionary. Now if one in the array goes bad you have to buy all three again.
Good point. I guess the choice is between less cable clutter in the short term vs. durability in the long term.
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VarioHow revolutionary. Now if one in the array goes bad you have to buy all three again.
While this is true, CoolerMaster fans are actually easy to service. So if one of them does go wonky, repair would be a viable option.

The only option missing is a dual fan offering.
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Ahh, the RE-invention of the square. :rolleyes:
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DeathtoGnomesAhh, the RE-invention of the square. :rolleyes:
Don't you mean the rectangle? :laugh:
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