Thursday, May 30th 2019

Raijintek at Computex 2019: EOS, NYX, SAMOS All-in-one Liquid Coolers, RGB Radiators, and Pump

During our visit with Raijintek at Computex 2019, it was apparent the company had gone all in when it comes to ARGB lighting. The first liquid cooler on display was the EOS I 240 RBW. Offering ARGB rainbow lighting, this AIO utilized a 240mm high-density radiator with 12 channels along with a full copper water block with 0.15mm micro channels. Pushing the coolant through the system is a pump that has a max rated pressure head of 1.5M and a max flow rate of 80 L/H. Multiple mounting kits are available for modern sockets.

Meanwhile, the EOS II 240 RBW was also on display. It has all the same features as the EOS I but sports a different block design. Where the CPU and pump block on the EOS I looks a bit like a cyclone in regards to its design and lighting elements. The EOS II has a boxy design with grooves and ARGB LED lighting for that extra bit visual stimulus.

Next up was the NYX RBW series which is a premium all-in-one liquid cooler. Unlike the more typical mixed metal loops, the NYX features a full copper water block with 0.1mm micro channels and a copper high-density radiator. The CPU block and pump housing along with the fans feature RGB illumination. While the CPU block also has a coolant temp indicator. When it comes to performance the pump itself is no slouch compared to the 80 L/H of the previous designs, the NYX RBW pump can push a maximum of 240 L/H with a max rated pressure head of 2.5M. It should also be noted that the unit has been designed to be easily refillable
The last all-in-one liquid cooler on display was built with NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 2080 or 2080 Ti in mind. Dubbed the SAMOS, it features a full-cover copper water block for the 2080 TI or 2080 and has a cold plate with 0.5mm micro channels. The top of the block is made of transparent acrylic measuring 12mm thick. Interestingly enough, it came with quick disconnects, which was quite the surprise.
Not content with just closed-loop coolers and all-in-one kits, Raijintek also had some new water cooling gear on hand including the BIA 200 RBW radiator which is a 200mm aluminium radiator with 18 tubes and an FPI (fins-per-inch) of 20. Of course, it too comes with ARGB LEDs this time located on the side of the radiator adding an interesting visual element to what is typically a boring component. To go with the radiator the company also had the ANEMI 200 RBW 200mm x 30mm ARGB fan on display. Its housing was designed with maximum static pressure in mind and featured an optimized eleven fan blade design for high volume air flow.
No water cooling loop is complete without a pump and reservoir, and Raijintek is ready to provide here as well with the ICE D5 TGS. It is using a D5 level pump rated at a max discharge of 1000L/H with a max pressure head of 4.5M. The reservoir paired with the pump is made of tempered glass and also features ARGB LEDs.
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Seeing everything is RGB so far at computex, good thing I never go. I am prone to migraines from all the lights.
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Actually super interested in the NYX version ... any ideas on pricing and availability ?
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