Wednesday, June 5th 2019

Sharkoon Makes a Splash With New Mini USB DAC, Elite Shark Cases, SKILLER Keyboards and Mice

Sharkoon appeared quite ready to take a bite out of the competition at Computex 2019. They came to the show with a full assortment of cases, keyboards, mice, gaming chairs and even a mini USB DAC for gamers which was quite nice to see as it was unexpected and unique coming from Sharkoon. Dubbed the Gaming DAC Pro S, it packs a powerful high-resolution gaming DAC with TRRS microphone input. It can also act as a USB soundcard with headphone Amp for an immersive crystal clear audio experience. It is worth noting that it is compatible with Android on top of the Windows and macOS.

The main focus of Sharkoon this year, however, was the redesign of their gaming chassis. The Elite Shark series comes in a couple of versions with the first featuring a tempered glass front panel that is illuminated on both sides by addressable RGB LEDs. For those wanting more airflow, there is a mesh front panel option as well. Both come with a hinged tempered glass side panel, graphics card holder and pump holder. It also has an 8-port addressable RGB controller.
If you want the maximum amount of ARGB you can get, then you might find the RGB LIT series more to your taste. They have a tempered glass front with design elements that are illuminated by the LEDs. It has space for up to 3x 120mm or 2x 140mm fans in the front, 2x 120mm or 140mm fans up top and 1x 120mm fan in the rear. The case will come with 1x 120mm ARGB fan in the back and a 120 mm fan in the front pre-installed. Graphics cards up to 350mm will fit no problem and the same goes for CPU coolers under 165mm.
For peripherals, Skarkoon had the SKILLER SGM3 wireless gaming mouse on display. It features a 2.4 GHz connection, RGB illumination and wireless charging which was a surprise. When it comes to the sensor, it is capable of up to 6000 DPI.
To go with their SKILLER SGM3 mouse, they had the SKILLER SGK5 RGB keyboard which is a rubber dome keyboard with segmented RGB backlighting. It comes with three profiles, five macro, five multimedia, and five lighting keys.
Rounding out the products on display were their gaming chairs, including the Elbrus in red and blue along with a new design in yellow that offered adjustable armrests. Last but not least they had a white gaming chair inspired by Eintracht Frankfurt football club with matching keyboard and mouse.
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4 Comments on Sharkoon Makes a Splash With New Mini USB DAC, Elite Shark Cases, SKILLER Keyboards and Mice

Shame most of their products are not only tacky, but also worse quality than TT in most cases...
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All those mini DACs (pendrive sized) are worth nothing compared to modern integrated sound chips.
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so many peripherals, so little innovation :( :cry:
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Elite Shark looks great. Mesh FTW
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