Thursday, June 6th 2019

Tesoro Debuts Alphaeon W1 Glasses, S1 Chair, and Wireless Qi RGB Mouse Pad

Tesoro looked to keep things stately at this years Computex, going with more refined designs that feature a cleaner aesthetic for office and business use. The first item to make s splash was the Alphaeon W1 which is a set of glasses that protect one's eyes with blue light reduction lenses which are TÜV Rheinland certified. Made for use both indoor and outdoor with both computers and mobile devices, but if that's all they were capable of they wouldn't be newsworthy. Meaning they took things a step further with the company equipping these glasses with Bluetooth 4.0 with a connection distance of up to 15m. Add in Bone Conduction technology and users can not only enjoy music or answer phone calls but also hear surrounding sounds. Compatibility is quite broad as the glasses are capable of pairing with any Bluetooth devices and are Active Voice Control ready. They are also lightweight at just 45g and have a rated phonecall/music playback time of up to 8 hours.
Continuing with the Alphaeon sub-brand Tesoro also had the S1 chair on display. Using a high-class PU + breathable fabric, the S1 has memory foam head and lumbar pillows for comfort along with a large seat for extra sitting space. It even has a base tilting function as well as a headrest positioning lock mechanism. The armrests are also 3D adjustable as well.
For the football or soccer fans among us, they also had Real Madrid gaming chairs on hand. Much like the Alphaeon S1, they feature memory foam lumbar and head pillows with the same base tilting function and headrest positioning lock mechanism among other details. Essentially it is the same chair but made with Real Madrid fans in mind and comes in black or white colors.
The last item on display would likely get passed over by many, but a closer look reveals this RGB mouse pad had a bit more to offer. While it looks like a typical pad with RGB edge lighting its main feature is Qi wireless charging. Now considering we saw some gaming mice with Qi wireless charging at Computex 2019, it makes the inclusions here even more useful. As not only can users charge their mobile devices, they can also charge their gaming peripherals, which is a nice touch.
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3 Comments on Tesoro Debuts Alphaeon W1 Glasses, S1 Chair, and Wireless Qi RGB Mouse Pad

While interesting, I bet those glasses are terrible.
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I like the glasses idea... so long as they are designed for larger, wider, northern european head sizes, not too small, ie china market
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