Thursday, January 2nd 2020

BIOSTAR Teasing Intel Z490 Motherboard Ahead of CES 2020?

BIOSTAR have left out a teaser trailer for a new motherboard, which seemingly packs an improvement to the company's RGB design on the heatsinks surrounding the CPU area. While this could simply be a new product announcement for an already existing motherboard lineup, we know fully well that Intel is gearing up for the announcement of their Comet Lake-S family of CPUs, which have already been broadly approached in this publication. It makes sense for motherboard companies, who are certainly already privy to the new Intel platform specifications, to start teasing the new features they've come up with to accompany a new generation of motherboards.

Intel's Comet Lake-S family will introduce builders to the new Intel LGA 1200 socket (some things never do change). The new 10000 series CPUs should see another core bump through the lineup, with the top of the line Core I9-10900K CPU sporting a reported 125 W TDP running through its 10-core, 20-thread design. Considering the number of leaks and additional information that has been recently coming to light regarding Intel's latest CPU launch, it seems plausible that the company is gearing up to an announcement, and as such, motherboard makers are also flexing their marketing muscles to get in the first wave of sales.
Sources: Cowcotland, via Videocardz
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5 Comments on BIOSTAR Teasing Intel Z490 Motherboard Ahead of CES 2020?

BIOSTAR keeping the memes flowing, with teasing the most useless and obvious feature to be included on a platform that is mostly similar to those we have seen in 2 recent generations.

Its almost like i don't want BIOSTAR to shut down just to keep having those comedy breaks in between PR releases one in a while. Maybe we will also get fresh FM2 boards displayed by them this CES.
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The first sentence just makes me never want to take Biostar seriously when choosing a motherboard vendor.
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Setting aside BIOSTAR tease it's astonishing how mighty (Intel) has fallen.

I mean you can buy thousands of motherboards without any problems (almost anywhere) world-wide. But you can't buy new CPUs for all the gold in the Universe. Perhaps outside US nobody knows if for example 10980X will even arrive in stock. It's ridiculous.

For past 10 years AMD was laughing stock of IT industry with all their Power Point slides and paper launches. With Ryzen3/TR3 series AMD off-loaded thousands and thousands of CPUs world-wide basically overnight. Now it seems it's Intel turn. 3 months on from X299 refresh and I haven't seen 109xx in stock anywhere. This Z490 will be even worse. All problems will be compounded. New socket, unicorn-CPUs, no availability. Oh well let, Team Blue sweat for a bit longer. :D
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Actually very looking forward to the new 400 series. I will def look into BioStar's new lineup, been reading some pretty good reviews on them lately.
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