Tuesday, January 14th 2020

RX 5950 XT, RX 5950, and RX 5800 XT: New AMD Radeon SKUs Reach Regulators

Confirmation of four new Radeon RX 5000-series SKUs came to light as AIB partner AFOX pushed them to regulators at the Eurasian Economic Commission. EEC filings have been a reliable early-sign of upcoming PC hardware. All thee new SKUs are positioned above the Radeon RX 5700 XT launched last year. These include the Radeon RX 5800 XT, the RX 5900 XT, the RX 5950, and the RX 5950 XT. Going by AMD's convention of two SKUs per resolution serving up to differentiated experiences, the RX 5800 XT could be a step up from the RX 5700 XT in offering 1440p high frame-rate AAA performance. This could possibly put it in direct competition with the GeForce RTX 2070 Super. AMD took a similar 2-pronged approach to 1080p, with the RX 5500 XT serving up 1080p at up to 60 fps, while the RX 5600 XT topping it up with a 40-50 percent performance uplift.

The Radeon RX 5950-series is completely new. This could very well be a new large "Navi" silicon, since dual-GPU is dead. Just as AMD carved out the RX 5700 XT, the RX 5700, and the RX 5600 XT, it could carve out the three new SKUs from this silicon. AMD CEO Dr Lisa Su already confirmed that her company is working to upscale the RX 5000-series "Navi" family. The RX 5900-series could be competition for the likes of the RTX 2080 or even RTX 2080 Super. The RX 5950-series could target premium 4K gaming (RTX 2080 Ti). It remains to be seen if the three new SKUs are based on the existing RDNA architecture or the new RDNA2 architecture designed for 7 nm EUV, featuring variable-rate shading.
Sources: Eurasian Economic Commission, Komachi Ensaka
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Certainly seems to have blown up a bit at the moment , likely all just lingering on rebounded news but it is surprising how many people are banding it about on youtube etc.
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Copy/paste news FTL! This is what you get when no research goes into it. ;)
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The way I looked at this EEC filings AMD/RGT was just adding P/N "place holders" to start their process last summer. I know most of these regulations are best commenced earlier than later and what is being ask for doesn't normally indicate they'll all come to being, but going for this (and paying fee's) indicates there's something to it all. Also, this is more preparatory to formal certification and document process, these may not hard-fast retain on the actual nomenclature or naming convention, so I'm not hung-up on number/naming that could be promoted up to the next series before finalizing.
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Adam Krazispeed
Must be nice living in a fantasy world :kookoo::laugh:
1:) i dont think you will ever get 2080 ti Perf from a 150-200W gpu, i do not care if nvidia or AMD is using 3nm or even 1nm (if thats even possible)..

you are NOT going to get 2080ti Perf.. for a 2060 class card aka RTX 3000 ( 3060/3060 ti.. )

a 3060 might jump to 2070 level, 3070 ti jump up to 2080, and a 3080 may be 2080ti then the $1600+ 3080ti New Perf LEvel here for $1600+ Nvidia is also gonna cost EVEN MORE for AMPERE!!

i bet 3080ti is no LESS THAN $1600 USD. and maybe 20% Rasterized 3D Perf, but 50% RTRT uplift AT MOST,,, 50% at half Powerdraw, YEAH FING RIGHT ... MAY Ray Tracing, thats it,, regular 3D Rasterized , Maybe 30% MAX!!

Finally a viable replacement for my Vega 64(s).

So the 5700XT is slower than a 2060?
HEL NO, 5700Xt destoys the 2060 ..(except RT-RT)but can a 2060 even run rt-rt at 60fps?). and 5700xt comes very close to 2070Super,(rasterized Perf, any way) (in some NON GIMPWORKS TITLES) aka nvidia gameworks! even when i had an nvidia card gameworks game never worked right for me on 1080ti 11GB then it killed my 900 card, so i got what was best, for me and cash i had at the time!! i got a 5700 xt and its great for what i paid for it! brand new, $339.99 @ microcenter on sale.

PS: it was a blower style -AMD Built-&-Branded Card, In AMD retail Boxed) Sealed

cucker tarlson
it's kinda sad that best amd have now is a competitor for the tu106 die,on a newer node,1.5 year behind in feature set.

I wish they bring on 5800 and 5900 but that aint happening.

by high end Lisa Su meant mid range rdna 2 cards that will go against mid range ampere but they'll all sell at premium prices.amd are finding raising the prices can be profitable,whaddaya know.......
ur name entails u look like a "liberal hack"
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AMD is like the 3DFx back in the day, trying to catch up. Time for that 4xGPUs video card!!
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