Wednesday, January 15th 2020

Sapphire Launches the Pulse Radeon RX 5600 XT Graphics Card

SAPPHIRE Technology launches PULSE version of the AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT graphics card with powerful TriXX boost Software tool that delivers up to a 15% performance improvement in popular games when the resolution is adjusted from 1920 x 1080 to 1728 x 972. Built on the groundbreaking AMD RDNA gaming architecture and 7 nm process technology, the PULSE Radeon RX 5600 XT graphics card comes with 2304 stream processors, a Boost Clock of up to 1620 MHz and a Game Clock of 1560 MHz delivering ultra- responsive high fidelity AAA gaming @ up to 60 FPS in select titles. The SAPPHIRE Radeon RX 5600 XT Series are equipped with 6 GB GDDR6 of high speed memory and PCI Express 4.0 support for maximum game performance, exceptional power efficiency and outstanding value.

Focusing on what gamers' need, the PULSE Radeon RX 5600 XT graphics card comes with a pivotal set of exciting features that deliver a superlative gaming experience powered by the new AMD RDNA gaming architecture. Impressive clock speeds, near silent cooling and a durable design are the trademark of the PULSE series of graphics cards.
The Beating Heart of a Gamer's PC
The PULSE Radeon RX 5600 XT 6 GB offers great performance at a price point that every gamer needs. With fast GDDR6 memory and redefined display and media engines, the PULSE Radeon RX 5600 XT graphics card is designed to usher a new era of PC gaming for 1080p gamers.

Powered by AMD RDNA architecture, the PULSE Radeon RX 5600 XT's its finely-tuned Dual-X Cooling Technology keeps the GPU, Memory and VRM components cool and the noise level low. The all-aluminium backplate provides a rigidity that ensures nothing bends and dust stays out. It also helps cool your card by increasing heat dissipation. Pivotal SAPPHIRE features like the Quick Connect Fan, Dual Bios Support and Dual Ball Bearing Fans are designed to keep your GPU running smooth and stable.

BIOS Modes Switch
With the SAPPHIRE Radeon RX 5600 XT graphics cards, gamers can switch between two BIOS modes of Primary Performance setting and a Secondary Silent setting which runs a reduced Game Clock of up 1460 MHz

Dual-X Cooling
The industry proven SAPPHIRE Dual-X cooling solution has been finely tuned for the SAPPHIRE Radeon RX 5600 XT graphics cards. Powered by two expertly designed silent dual ball-bearing fans and a state-of-the-art radiator design has enabled SAPPHIRE to realize improved performance with cooler and quieter operation. Designed to maintain temperatures under 75°C while gaming and to run at a near silent operation of less than 25 dBA, the streamlined form of SAPPHIRE's 95 mm blades mean greater airflow and superior heat sink coverage.

Intelligent Fan Control ensures fan speed is intelligently controlled to keep the GPU, memory, PWM IC and other components as low as possible in temperature to balance performance, and fan noise.

The SAPPHIRE Radeon RX 5600 XT graphics cards all pack a punch for gamers looking for a beautiful gaming experience. They include the easy fan swap Quick Connect system that means they're easy to remove, clean and replace, with just one screw holding them securely in place.

Cutting Edge TriXX Boost
SAPPHIRE TriXX with its deceptively-simple interface features the TriXX Boost feature. In order to gain higher game performance with given hardware, gamers can choose to run their game at a lower resolution. Traditionally the available resolutions choices are fixed to a small set of options. With TriXX Boost, additional custom resolutions are created, based on user input, which gives much more fine-grained control over the quality vs performance tradeoff.

TriXX Boost enables gamers to run games at a higher FPS by reducing the rendering resolution and up scaling the final output image by integrating AMD Radeon Image Sharpening This powerful tool besides being easy to use, sees up to 15% performance improvement in 3D Mark and up to 10% improvement in games when adjusting the resolution from 2560 x 1440 to 2304 x 1296.

More than just a Graphics Card
The SAPPHIRE PULSE Radeon RX 5600 XT graphics card comes equipped with a host of modern technologies and durable components that help ensure a long and stable life. The SAPPHIRE DNA, SAPPHIRE COOLTECH and SAPPHIRE PLUS feature sets are there to ensure the best possible gaming performance. They encompass all the all of the extra features that make our SAPPHIRE Boards so special and unique with superior cooling technologies to keep your temperatures low at high framerates, and quality components that prolong the life of our products through quality, robustness & reliability.

The Long-Life Capacitors and Fuse Protection deliver stable, reliable, and steady performance and are applied across the entire lineup. For cooling, each card is designed with Robust VRM Cooling and have a high thermal conductivity pad on the back-plate to take away the heat efficiently and effectively.

One of the hottest parts on a next-gen graphics card is generated from memory. A Robust Memory Cooling solution has been integrated into the PULSE Radeon RX 5600 XT series graphics card to cool down memory with a specially designed independent cooling module.
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are these available for purchase? if not then its not a goddamn "launch".
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are these available for purchase? if not then its not a goddamn "launch".
Looks at fake arm watch
6 days from now.
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cellar door
are these available for purchase? if not then its not a goddamn "launch".
Clickbait title, TPU reaching for them clicks
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DOA at the proposed 280$ MSRP, that's for sure...
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DOA at the proposed 280$ MSRP, that's for sure...
Wouldn't it depend on the performance or do you know what it is? Most 1660ti are $280 and up, so as long as the performance is equal it would seem logical.

It would be nice if there were more short versions of all these new cards, need something stubby for the HTPC.
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@btarunr :
Can you please talk about the PCB difference between 5700 and 5600XT when reviewing one of the cards? also the possibilities of flashing it too 5700? because it looks like 5600XT are based on 5700 with just less memory chips.
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