Sunday, June 14th 2020

EA Battlefield Franchise, More Games Return to Steam

Players can experience modern day warfare in Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 or the WWI and WWII battles of the past in Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V respectively. Players can also fight for humanity as Commander Shepard in Mass Effect 3 or visit new worlds as Sara or Scott Ryder in Mass Effect Andromeda. In addition, players can play as iconic Star Wars characters and with the incredible Star Wars vehicles in Star Wars Battlefront I and Star Wars Battlefront II.

Last Friday, the Command & Conquer Remastered Collection was the second new EA game to launch on Steam to great success, reaching the top game globally on Steam best-selling charts during its launch weekend. Last weekend, EA games also had five games appear in the top 10 of the Steam best-selling charts with their first wave of titles released on Steam last Thursday, giving players the opportunity to explore the fantastical worlds of the BioWare award-winning Role-Playing Games - Dragon Age : Inquisition and Dragon Age II and experience high-speed, white-knuckle driving action in Need for Speed Heat, Need for Speed: Rivals and Need for Speed (2016). Players can also battle it out in the wacky, fun and over-the-top shooter, Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, or play from a selection of the bold and innovative games from EA's indie development partners like Unravel, Unravel II, Fe and Sea of Solitude.

This month, Electronic Arts is bringing 25+ EA games to Steam that will also be available as part of an EA Access subscription on Steam that arrives later this summer. EA Access enhances your gaming experience with a medley of rewards and library of great games. Get the red-carpet treatment with exclusive catalog-wide discounts, and in-game member benefits for some of our biggest franchises.
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Calling a patch a remaster is a bit misleading.
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EA making some bank with this return. Saw a lot of friends re-buying titles they already own on Origin.
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These releases on Steam still require Origin to be installed and running.

What's the point?
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sam_86314These releases on Steam still require Origin to be installed and running.

What's the point?
Really, that defeats the purpose of buying them on Steam.
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Some i should say many people never liked and never installed other game launcher beside Steam. And they never even thought to buy those games that are released outside Steam.

That's the reason they put their games on Steam. Steam is a nice library and people they feel a deep affection for it. It was the first ever game launcher.
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You still need Origin just like Uplay to register your key and play said game, this is nothing but a glorified shortcut in the end. And if you already own said game... Tough luck.
Sure wish they'd waive the Origin client requirement. There are several games I'd buy on Steam if they did.
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sam_86314These releases on Steam still require Origin to be installed and running.

What's the point?
Yeah I just went there to check if it's a real steam native version, I guess it's not, since I only have BF3 on origin and no other games, I thought about moving it to steam, or linking the account, but if that still requires origin to be installed and run in the background then there's no point.

For existing users at least. Oh well.
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Jun 28th, 2022 19:51 EDT change timezone

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