Wednesday, June 24th 2020

Bitspower Unveils Mono Block for ASRock X299E-ITX ac LGA2066 Motherboard

Hot on the heels of the Mono Block for ROG Maximus XII Hero, Bitspower unveiled another, smarter Mono Block product, this time tailor-made for the ASRock X299E-ITX/ac, one of the only few full-featured socket LGA2066 motherboards in the Mini-ITX form-factor. The Mono Block uses nickel-plated copper with mirror-finish as its primary material, an acrylic top as its secondary material, and a metal top-plate over the top.

The top is studded with addressable RGB LEDs that take in standard 3-pin ARGB input. The top also features an OLED display that can display things such as coolant temperature. The Mono Block provides active cooling for both the LGA2066 CPU socket, and the CPU VRM area of the X299E-ITX/ac. A TouchAqua D-RGB multi-function controller module is included, which lets you control lighting and the OLED. The block measures 105 mm x 117 mm x 32 mm. Available now, the Bitspower Mono Block for ASRock X299E-ITX/ac is priced at USD $260.
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7 Comments on Bitspower Unveils Mono Block for ASRock X299E-ITX ac LGA2066 Motherboard

Where was this months ago......... :(

That cost though........oof.
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Wait, a fresh monoblock launched for a motherboard that hit the market in 2017? Wow, that is... interesting.
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lol I've just never seen a mono block for an ITX board. looks pretty comical covering about 75% of the board
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This is just a refresh. They released a similar block for the same motherboard nearly 2 years ago. The new one has ARGB and some more but in general, it's only a refresh. The old one is everywhere out of stock like on newegg here.
For me, the biggest surprise is that they see any point in releasing something like this for the nearly dead platform. Pretty much all interested purchased something else long months ago.
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Ok. How long till an itx monoblock+pump+res combo?
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ChivenOk. How long till an itx monoblock+pump+res combo?
Likely never, given the board-specific nature of monoblocks. Would be nice, though! Even just one with an opening to add your own DDC pump.
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Bit slow?

If they made it like 1 month after that mobo was made..
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Jun 27th, 2022 17:39 EDT change timezone

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