Monday, March 12th 2007

FOXCONN introduces three mainboards with AMD A690 chipset

It appears that German journalists are a little bit faster then their English counterparts. Like the folks at MSI the guys at Global FOXCONN department are a bit slow in posting press news. But we still have the brave Germans at FOXCONN who post tidbits sometimes. So they did this time announcing three new mATX-sized motherboards for the Socket AM2. All of them feature the integrated ATI Radeon X1250 graphics solution and a single PCIe x16 slot just in case you want to upgrade. They will be available soon.

Source: FOXCONN Germany
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5 Comments on FOXCONN introduces three mainboards with AMD A690 chipset

what ugly color combination!
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Bird of Prey
::hurls:: I Agree KTR. Either got Blue and Red or Red and Yellow or hell, even Blue and Yellow, but not all three.
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As if normal people would stare at their mainboard for any longer as it takes to build the machine. Me, I'm looking at my LCD ;)
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Wile E
Power User
I agree with Jada. My ECS is horribly ugly, but it's in the case, so I don't care. Out of sight, out of mind.
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Sometimes these hideous color schemes are of help. Imagine a helpdesk buddy checking on some important computer parts while the customer is on the phone...
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