Wednesday, September 16th 2020

AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su to Receive Semiconductor Industry's Top Honor

The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) today announced Dr. Lisa Su, president and CEO of AMD and an accomplished leader in advancing semiconductor technology, has been named the 2020 recipient of SIA's highest honor, the Robert N. Noyce Award. SIA presents the Noyce Award annually in recognition of a leader who has made outstanding contributions to the semiconductor industry in technology or public policy. Dr. Su will accept the award at the SIA Leadership Forum and Award Celebration, a virtual event that will take place on Thursday, Nov. 19, 2020.

"A tremendous leader in our industry, Lisa Su has successfully advanced leading-edge semiconductor and high-performance computing technologies throughout her career as an accomplished business executive and engineer," said John Neuffer, SIA president and CEO. "Lisa's outstanding achievements have significantly strengthened the semiconductor industry and America's global technology leadership, and she has inspired and opened doors for countless others in tech along the way. On behalf of the SIA board of directors, it is my pleasure to announce Lisa as the 2020 Robert N. Noyce Award recipient in recognition of her impressive accomplishments."
Dr. Su has served as president and CEO of AMD since October 2014 and also serves on the AMD board of directors. During her tenure, AMD has become a leader in high-performance computing and graphics technologies for the PC, data center, and gaming markets. Previously, she was chief operating officer responsible for all aspects of product strategy and execution. Prior to joining AMD in 2012, Dr. Su served in a variety of high-level roles at several semiconductor companies, including Freescale Semiconductor, IBM, and Texas Instruments.

Dr. Su has bachelor's, master's and doctorate degrees in electrical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She has published more than 40 technical articles and was named a Fellow of the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers in 2009. In 2018, Dr. Su was elected to the National Academy of Engineering, was named "Businessperson of the Year" by Fortune Magazine, and received the prestigious Dr. Morris Chang Exemplary Leadership Award. In 2019, Dr. Su was named one of the World's 50 Best CEOs by Barron's, one of the "Most Powerful Women in Business" by Fortune Magazine, one of "The Best-Performing CEOs in the World" by Harvard Business Review, and she was included in "The Bloomberg 50" list of people who defined the year.

"It is a tremendous honor to receive the Noyce Award and join the distinguished list of previous recipients, many of whom I'm fortunate to count as mentors, role models, colleagues, and friends," said Su. "I look forward to continuing to push the envelope of what we can accomplish in the semiconductor industry, which has become so instrumental to every aspect of our lives."

The Noyce Award is named in honor of semiconductor industry pioneer Robert N. Noyce, co-founder of Fairchild Semiconductor and Intel Corporation.
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11 Comments on AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su to Receive Semiconductor Industry's Top Honor

Congratulations Dr. Su, keeping a company great is one thing, making a company great again is entirely different level.
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Turning AMD's CPU division around and thus restoring competitiveness to the CPU market was a seemingly impossible task, but Lisa Su pulled it off. If anyone deserves an award, it's this lady.
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She can keep getting honors and awards as an AMD CEO, until her retirement and then get a few more.

AMD was the perfect position for her. In a larger company she would not have the freedom to move freely, or much of her success would be credited to her superiors. Or again in a larger company as CEO, she would simply manage an already successful course by her predecessors, so again her skills would not be seen.
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well deserved, I just hope the gpu division got a much needed kick in a rear as well, if only to prevent such miscommunication between the branches.

I do believe they should be good though, working so closely with Microsoft and Sony to create the RDNA2 chips for the upcoming consoles and what DX Ultimate needs from it for ray tracing, it should be pretty good.
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Congrats ! thx for bringing back competition and innovations on CPU/GPU markets.
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She deserves the win, and even more so if she can sort the mess at Radeon out, and brushing away Raja's legacy.
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She's my hero. I'm just amazed at how she guided AMD back to relevance. She made a wise decision in focusing on the CPU division first which obviously had more profits to be made compared to GPU division. Now that they are getting the much needed influx of cash they can put more focus (which they are) on the gpu division and its r&d.

It's a thing lately to complain about AMD not competing with NVIDIA and all this other jargon but what keeps me from complaining so much is that I know they was basically broke. lol. They didn't have no money. They had to put what they could put out while trying to fight a battle on two fronts against two giants. So I applaud Lisa Su for her outstanding work and achievements and others to come.

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Sp33d Junki3
Dr. Su deserves the honor. Since Ryzen, AMD has been slashing Intel throat.
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Dr. Lisa Su is the most bankable CEO along side Bezos!!! From 9$ to 77 in 3 years, an array of new revolutionary products that's sucking the air out of Intel and Nvidia dominance...a hell of a come back. Lisa Su deserves a more generous severance awards. Stock up 800% what's not to like??? and more revolutionary products like the Zen processors line and Epyc for commercial ...I can't wait to see the new product line next month...

Thank you Lisa. keep up the good work.
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Sure... AMD is a duopoly, but damn, she is doing amazing.
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